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So I'm working on this sci fi story and I have the story part finished and I'm starting to do some concept sketches and just a general getting started phase. But idk anything about drawing scifi, so could someone recommend a good sci if series or some instructional sites, books, etc for me to get some ideas for and kinda see the structure of a scifi universe.

Thanks in advance.

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@artfuldead Personally, i think the reason why a sci fi story works or doesn't is down to it being a complete and absolute universe. Ties in to that old, 'suspension of disbelief' reasoning and for me, the best comics that achieve this are the European comics. I'd recommend picking up any copies of Heavy Metal Magazine you can, and any copies of 2000AD that feature, specifically Nemesis, Nikolas Dante and, obviously, Judge Dredd. Not only are they visionary interpretations of the future, but i also think that they would suit your art style and allow you free reign.

There are also some great film design images out there that are great to draw inspiration from including the art for Blade Runner, the Matrix designs by a number of comic book artists and HR Giger's designs for Alien, just to name a few.

Hope this helps, am enormously excited to read your work and feel free to pick my brain clean if it helps :)