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There are a lot of series that I want to read however, I have a very limited budget for comics. Could you help me with my problem? Btw, I buy comics digitally. :)

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Which ones are you interested in?

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Detective Comics, the Flash, Thunderbolts, Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Nightwing, Superior Spider-Man, Red Lanterns, and Deadpool. :D

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@socmalig: Are those the titles you're already reading or the ones you're thinking about getting?

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@rulerofthisuniverse: i've read some issues of the series of Deadpool and the Flash. I've not read any issue of the other series I mentioned.

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Read Saga, TMNT, Batman and Wonder Woman.

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@socmalig: Red Hood and the Outlaws are GREAT! It's one of my favorite series. The first 18 issues are spectacular. Extremely fun read. Then starting with issue 19 the series gets a new writer but he's leaving on issue 30. His run is...okay. But the new writer who starts on issue 31 is going to make it kick some ass like it did!! I highly recommend it.

I would get Deadpool is you only have some extra money around with nothing better to spend it on. It's always a fun read, but it's not too much fun to follow and can sometimes be too much.

The other series you said you are interested in are definitely good (well except Red Lanterns). I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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I'm amazed with you guys because you all manage to buy a lot of comic books every month. I'm just a student and I rely only with my allowance which is much likely very limited to my personal needs.

When I choose series to follow, I would want to read every issue of that series until I reach the latest one. This is possible, I think, because I purchase comics through comiXology. My problem is that when I reach the latest issue of some series and I start reading other series, I don't know on how I would buy all the issues to be released of the previous series that I have read because I know that my budget would not be sufficient anymore.

Do you have some suggestions with my problem? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)

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You need to read Saga from Image!!! and Chew!

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You should give TMNT and Green Arrow a look.

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Do all of you really manage to buy all the issues released in those series every month? :O

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@socmalig: If you're interested in Deadpool I would definitely recommend it. Green Arrow and Daredevil are a couple 2.99 comics that are really good. If you want to try out an Image comic, though, Five Ghosts is fantastic and it's only seven issues in.

I would also recommend Thor: God of Thunder and Batman, but they're each 3.99.

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@socmalig: Any particular characters you are interested in?

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@socmalig: You know, you can download almost all comics for free illegally

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@socmalig said:

Detective Comics, the Flash, Thunderbolts, Teen Titans, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Nightwing, Superior Spider-Man, Red Lanterns, and Deadpool. :D

Out of these I would rank them

1. Superior Spider-Man

2. The Flash

3. Detective Comics

4. Deadpool

5. Thunderbolts

6. Nightwing

7. Red Lanterns

8. Red Hood and the Outlaws

9. Teen Titans

My two current favorite series though are Daredevil and Hawkey though so I have to suggest those.

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If you haven't read it, I was a big fan of Marvel's Civil War. Good bang for the buck.


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I've read some Marvent events like Civil War, AvX, Fear Itself, Age of Ultron, and Infinity Gauntlet. I want to try reading ongoing series. :D

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@socmalig: for current titles i recommend the flash (my fav of new 52 but it just got a new team like this issue), superior spiderman which is amazing lol, hawkeye (seriously best title right now), Daredevil (also fantastic), superman unchained is decent, also check out fables but its ending in 2015 but its like my fav series atm.

for already completed series i recommend 100 bullets (only 100 issues but amazing) and iti goes on sake frequently on comixology for like 99c, all of fables and jack of fables, scarlet spider, remenders uncanny xfoce and his venom.

also for a good story check out old man logan it was freakin amazing