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I'm a long time comic book reader (since 1958) having a comic book dry spell. Help! Other than the pre-Watchmen books, I can't find much in current comic books that appeals to me. Marvels and DC's books look like Image books from the 90's. Marvel's famous characterization has given way to a cosmic scale graphic violence look in nearly every book. DC's makeover is very hit and miss. I've come to the realization that I keep buying and trying books in hopes of finding that new title or run that will fire up the excitement again, but it's not working. Anyone else feel this way? What can I do? Thanks!

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@Longtym: Dear reader,

I understand your misgivings with the current state of the "big two". There's a whole lot of mess out there. Having said that, there's also a lot of good in various companies and genres.

I can make recommendations across a wide spectrum but at this point, I see that two things you like are:

Before Watchmen and books with strong characterization.

What else have you enjoyed over the years, specific titles, story aspects, genres?

Do you read specifically within the super hero genera or others as well?

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@Longtym: What about FF? It's not been very violent so far, good characters, kinda retro artwork by the great Michael "Mike" Allred. It's got a good kind of charm to it.

Hope you find what you're looking for.

Welcome to Comicvine. :)

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DC is losing me slowly but Marvel and Image are on fire. Go to their section blindfolded and grab a title andim sure it wont disappoint.

if you grab Thunderbolts put it back and wash your hands

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Saga. Just...read it.

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Just keep trying to read something that's your kind of comic.

Maybe check out some webcomics as they are free and tend to be pretty different from most mainstream stuff.

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I loved the Innes/Dillon run on Preacher. I was a big fan of Cerebus. I buy Fantastic Four and FF but I haven't really liked either of them for years. I like the new Batman series by Greg Capullo. I like Terry Moore's books. I find myself buying books with good art and art by my favorite artists rather than actually following titles, anymore. I actually like the looks of the Image books (in Previews) but I don't want to just order something and my comic book store doesn't stock them. Interestingly, while Marvel and DC have seemingly adopted Image's 1990's look, Image itself has completely dropped that look and diversified.

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so you don't want to violent comics or what?

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It's not violence per se that I don't like. I really like the unexpected violent aspects of Garth Ennis' work and the TV show The Walking Dead. I like being shocked, I guess. My problem with the big two is they both look like Image books from the 90's and the Marvel characterization (that DC adopted) seems to be gone. I keep trying new books that I think I might like but nothing sticks. And truthfully the problem with non-Big Two books is that often those companies historically haven't been that successful in staying in business. You get invested in DNAgents, Crossfire, Ultraverse, Nexus, Concrete, etc., only to have them fold!

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Read Hawkeye and the stuff being put out by Valiant Comics.

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Try some of Valiant's comics. There isn't too much catching up to do since they rebooted their franchises and they have been superb, all of them. The five titles they have out so far are X-O Manowar (space stuff), Harbinger (telepathic stuff), Bloodshot (lot of action), Archer & Armstrong (story of a great duo), and Shadowman (magic stuff). They're universe is slowly building and I believe they will soar above Marvel and DC. Thor: God of Thunder is also epic.