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When I was a wee-boy browsing the comics at the local flea market, I came across a comic that featured anthropomorphic characters. I don't remember the exact issues but one of the main characters was this purple insect-humanoid (either an ant or a mantis-like alien) and he was fighting a wolf humanoid on the cover. Other characters included a rhino-type humanoid fighting with a triceratops-type humanoid. There was a little girl with bunny-like ears and I believe the "king" of the good guys was this eagle humanoid? At the end of the issue the bad guys were all in jail and the ant/mantis character appeared to be going up a staircase in some tower...

Any ideas?

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@walkingdeadguy: Sounds like you're describing The Herculoids. They never had their own comic I think they just appeared in other series.

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@walkingdeadguy: Any of these look familiar to you? These are all The Herculoids comics listed on the ComicBookDB.com If these aren't what your looking for a few more specifics might help like how long ago was it that this comic was on shelves... 10 years ago, 20 years, etc.

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No, it most definitely wasn't the Herculoids. The comic was more modern (as in 90's)