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this must not turn to a rant thread.

do not name anything bad there are billions of other threads doing that.

the reason I made this thread is that just recently I heard a user defending Loeb of not " never written anything good" by linkingto something called Daredivel Yellow. I haven't read anything about it, but it seems to have won an award or something.

so answer the title!

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Batman Hush is Awesome !!

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I really liked the ultimate X mini series he wrote

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Superman for All Seasons is a very solid read.

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I LOVE Superman for all seasons, my fave superman story alongside all-star superman, and i also like long halloween and dark victory (and hush is pretty good, if a bit brash)

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Public Enemas the Supes/Bat one made a good cartoon but never read a comic of his I liked.

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Daredevil Yellow was amazing. My favorite run so far.

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He had three excellent Batman runs. The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, and Hush were all great.

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Long Halloween was awesome.

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Hush was fantastic.

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Hush and Long Halloween were amazing

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Hush is one of my all time favorite Batman stories. Long Halloween was awesome too.

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Never read the others but Fallen Son was alright. I dont see any truly bad writers just bad story concepts . You can be Ernest Hemingway but if you're given a boring or flat out dumb story to write then of course it's just not going to work.

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Long Halloween is a one of the best Batman comics out there and its sequel Dark Victory is almost just as good. Hush is a really fun ride as well and Superman for all Seasons is amazing. As for Marvel, both Spider-man Blue and Daredevil Yellow are amazing with Spider-Man Blue being the better of the two.

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A good Loeb comic? No such thing.

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@Billy Batson said:

A good Loeb comic? No such thing.

Pretty much.

His best work is probably the Long Halloween and it's pretty weak too same goes for Hush and Dark Victory,personally I prefer DV over the other 2.

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Never read a Loeb comic.

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His run on Superman/Batman.

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Loeb at his best? Batman: Hush easily. It's absolutely awesome.

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His work with Batman and Superman was pretty good (Batman: Hush and Batman: Long Halloween being the best).

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I like Hush, Long Halloween, Dark Victory and Superman for All Seasons.

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I actually like everything he's done with Tim Sale. Except the Challengers of the Unknown story, which I've never read. Of the Marvel color books Spider-Man: Blue is my favorite.

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Daredevil: Yellow is easily my favorite Loeb story.

I also liked The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, and Hush.

Odd enough, I liked his Red Hulk run. (Don't shoot me.)

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Hush and Long Halloween are both very good Batman stories.

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@entropy_aegis: how about daredevil yellow it won awards, and rated 5/5 here.

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There is no such thing imo.