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So I know people have cried all the time watching movies, but have you ever cried reading a comic book? It could he because a character died, something like that, or tears of joy. I have never cried but have you? If you have how bout you tell us why too.

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every time I read USM 160.

every. single. time.

(there are probably more, but that one is by far the one that sticks out the most)

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Until now just once while reading Batman and Robin #18, when Bruce found the letter my tears found the way out

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In Funeral for a friend (after the death of Superman) every scene with the Kents is so goddamn emotional

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Can't say I have ever cried, but there are definitely times when you really feel bad for what's going on and you become emotionally invested in the characters and stories you are reading.

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USM #160/Batman and Robin #18

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Locke and key the whole last issue
Spider-man Blue Flash Thompson decision at the end
Fables #81 sad stuff indeed
Astonishing X-Men ending to unstoppable
Ultimate X-Men #41 the dark side of having mutant powers feat.wolverine

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ehh, never. I got 1 water eye after Ian died in the current Captain America run. Sucks that the story sucks.

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Ultimate Spider-Man Fallout got me really good.

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Only this panel has ever brought me close to getting me watery eyed and crying in a comic book. Not that I'm not emotionally affected by twists in a comic book but only this elicited visible emotion in the teary eyed way

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Every. Single. Time.

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I know I did the second time I read Uncanny X-Force #18. I can't remember if I did the first time.

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USM #160 but that whole series is really emotional

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@arturocalakayvee: That is the most touching moment in comic history IMO.

But lolno comics don't make me cry. Men don't cry cause Robin Da Boy Wunder died.

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When Captain Marvel died in Kingdom Come.

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Im ashamed to say it cus I hate the manga it's in....but in One Piece chapter 622.

I kept rereading the chapter and teared up every time.
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I think I teared up reading Shazam!: The Power of Hope.

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No I never cry from anything fictional

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USM #160

For the Man Who Has Everything

Kingdom Come

Y the Last Man #58

Jean Greys 1st death

And last but not least

If Batman cries, you cry mother f8cker

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The death of Thor and Jake Olsen.

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i dont cry cuz im a man but kakashi's tail made my eyes watery, which is weird cuz nothing from attack on titan could do that

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The last panel of Batman and Robin #18.Bruce holding Damian's costume and crying was awesome.

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the scene with doctor strange and his final meeting with galactus

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I don't think I've flat out bawled but sure I've gotten teary-eyed from time to time. Can't think of a specific instance though.

Wow, cool story me.

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Yep. More when I was younger but there's been a few which had me seeing blurry recently.

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@marcosvergara14 said:

Until now just once while reading Batman and Robin #18, when Bruce found the letter my tears found the way out

Same for me, except I think I lost it at the very end when he broke the case that held Damian's costume and stood silently holding it. That part reminded me of the touching moment he and Damian had after the business with NoBody and he told Damian he was proud of him. I did almost lose it when Alfred broke down-he's the real backbone of the Bat Family. I wrote DC a long letter about that issue as it affected me that much.

There are some really good examples here, and the scans really help to drive the point home. Thanks for those.

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Western comics? No. (Point me to stories that can tug at my heartstrings please)

Eastern Comics? Yes.

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every time I read USM 160.

every. single. time.

(there are probably more, but that one is by far the one that sticks out the most)

This. Its the only comic to drag any form of real emotion from me everytime I read it.

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Yes when Green Arrow died

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When Bendis took over the X-Book, i cried.

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Seems as if though my post got deleted for cursing yet no mod notified me. Here's the censored version.

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I never cry anymore, but I was precariously close when Octavius held his former body in his hands and with a harrowed, broken voice asked the dying Peter Parker "How to do this?" He wanted to know how to be the hero he never had the chance to be and instead of hating Octavius for stealing his body, Peter cried as his body began to shut down and the reality of his death began to set in...he said "You're Spider-man now...promise me you will protect this city." He took his last breath and died... and I nearly cried...much to my shock. For such an iconic ,though fictional hero to die so horribly... and for Peter to pass on the mantle so generously... how he died with absolutely no one noticing... no words can accurately describe the emotions running through me at that moment.

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Oh yeah



Big time because of this BEAUTIFUL moment in Birthright at the very end

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Ultimate spider man death is a tear jerker, the last quote especially about him being able to save aunt may. Superman's message to his parents in Birthright and his death, the last thing he cared about was the people. All star superman when he saves the girl from suicide.

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Felt hurt inside but never cried. The one that caused that was Neji's death in Naruto, but half of the reason is because I felt more bad for Hinata. Didn't read it in the manga saw it on the anime. I haven't kept track of Naruto for a while. I stop when Pain was fight Kakashi I just find out about parts that I missed from blogs, reviews, or Youtube.

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Nope..been bummed out before but idk. Maybe it's just comics just don't do it for me the same way films/video games can. For ex in TWD when you see that last scene between Lee and Clementine when Lee's about to die/turn ..not that really hit me in the feels, but comic wise? Idk it just doesn't phase me I guess. Didn't cry when Parker "died" in ASM #700 either but I guess that's because most of the time I know these characters will be back eventually anyways

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I've never cried at a comic, but this panel from Spider-Man: Blue got me choked up. This whole arc completely changed the way I looked at the Death of Gwen Stacy story.

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At the end of Hitman, Scalped & Preacher & couple of Supes comics like Kingdom Come , Birthright , All Star.