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I had a dream I was loki and black adam was coming at me n I'm freaking out trying to figure out how to escape fianly I suddenly knew how to use my powers n I caused him allusions n it distracted him long enough for me to escape it was scary it felt so real being chased like that. Has anyone ever had a crazy comic dream

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I once dreamed I was Bob, Agent of Hydra. It was horrible.

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I used to have these kind of dreams when I was a kid, maybe it was because I used to read comics most of the time and think about them all the time, Sometimes I had nightmares where I was Spider-Man and Joker was trying to kill me but other times I had dreams about Power girl and She-Hulk.

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@rustyroy: i like the powergirl n shehulk plz explain

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I remember having a dream where I met Nightcrawler when I was 13. He was my favorite at the time.

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I had a dream where I was friends with Garfield...

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@oceanmaster21: Do I need to? I know that you got the idea of what kind of dreams I had.

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All the time man, all the time.

Just a few weeks ago I dreamt I was superman and freaking heatvisioned my entire hometown, yes I enjoyed it.

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Once I had a dream that IT the clown was about to attack me in the shower, when suddenly through the doorway flies Captain Americas shield right at the clowns skull. Then I woke up and realized Cap saw my dick and I need my head examined.

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I had a dream that I was fighting with Thor and Iron Man when I accidentally shot and killed Iron Man, which caused Thor to try to kill me. Scary....

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I dreamed I was batman.... The weird thing about my dream was... I was putting on my bat-suit over and over again... ya know they way they interpret it in the movies, and video games ( first pants, then armored upper-body clothing, then boots, then gloves, and then cape and then mask) .... I never fought anybody in my dream, I was just in the bat cave doing that same sh!t over and over again!

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Its not really a comic world, but I had a dream when I was around 7 that I was watching Godzilla and some other monster fight out in some desert, it was pretty epic.

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No, but I had a dream someone was writing on all of my comics. It would have been less stressful to dream I was fighting the Joker.

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@bruxae: that rocks it be cool to have those ablities for real if u cud have a bunch of powers based off comic chachaters who wud they be n why

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i dreamed i was the hulk and the rulk was fightin me and i kept getting stronger but i couldnt hurt him so i ran away

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I've had a dream this year wherein Joker had somebody tied up and Joker blows up the poor guy.

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I've had dreams where I was in a video game, in a cartoon, in a movie, but in a comic... I can't say I have.

If I have it was when I was younger and I forgot about it because it wasn't as memorable to me for some reason.

The closes thing was being in my old house where I used to live, that was on the moon for some reason (no gravity) and the Horseman of Apocalypse "War" from Uncanny X-Force was trying to kill me.

I was scared but I had bombs and it was more exciting than frighting to fight him.


I had ^this^ dream last year.

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