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Today I will give my reveiw/thoughts on Haunt volume 1. This graphic novel contains the first five issues of Haunt. Haunt is created by Robert Kirkman and Todd McFarelane. When reading this book, I have to admire the artiwork. The artwork in this book is great. Some of the best I have seen so far. However, the artwork is where the positives of this books ends. Haunt Volume 1 is not a good story at all. The main plot comes off as an obvious copy cat of other comic book series. Every time I think about the story I feel like I have something like this before only better well written. Which leads me into my next point, the comic book is not well written. Before I say more, let me say this. I have read both the Walking Dead and Invincible. With a doubt, Robert Kirkman is a good writer. Likewise, McFarlane is good with writing as well as artwork which can't save these issues. The writing was poor to the point where I had to re-read a sentence only to find out some of the grammar was off. Story wise, I didn't care for the character of Dannel Kilgore. He was a character that brought nothing new to what Image Comics had to offer. The character I dislike mainly was his brother Kurt Kilgore. Kurt was such a shellfish prick; he married a woman his brother was in love with which in turn caused Dannel to be the character that he is. The worst is come. Not only did Kurt marry woman his brother was in love with, but he slept with not one but two women. After learning that, I lost all respect for Kurt Kilgore as a character. Black ops agent or not, it doesn't justify him cheating on his wife. And, he had the nerve to say his wife didn't understand him. So to conclude, this volume was done poorly to wear it left me puzzled as to how two great creators Kirkman and McFarlane made such as mess of a series.

I give this book a D-.