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In Marvel or DC's history, have they ever accepted a fan's submitted original comic character and incorporated into their canon universe? I've googled this, but there were not any relevant topics. That would be a fantastic idea if they ever held a contest where they did this sort of thing, I've not heard of it. What does everyone think?

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I don't believe the Big Two have done so. Though I do seem to remember early Image having a Create a Character contest for the Savage Dragon comic. Jimbo da Mighty Lobster was the winner.

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No. Or at least not that I'm aware of.

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Jimbo Da Mighty Lobster... There's even a comicvine page of him: http://www.comicvine.com/jimbo-da-mighty-lobster/4005-63338/ !!! I hope one day DC or Marvel will hold some contest similar to that.

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I don't think they ever had. And I doubt they ever will

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Venom was. im sure there are more.

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Venom was a fan submission. Not sure about DC

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Venom was. im sure there are more.

I'm sure there are more, there have been various contest over the years to submit characters

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In old Dial H series readers could send their ideas and drawings of heroes so DC staff chose a bunch of them and put on comic as transformations. Every issue they used some of them and give the credits on panel to the creators.

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On an interesting side note, Darkhorse still accepts unsolicited submissions and proposals for writers, artists, inkers, etc, but they no longer respond to you unless they want to hire you which kind of sucks.