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I'm curious- has no one ever tried to sue a superhero/heroes( this applies to DC as well as Marvel Universes) Given the general litigiousness that outsiders have long noted in American life( even a sitting President was once sued in real life- Jones v Clinton- for alleged sexual harassment). True, many heroes/heroines in both universes have secret identities and their whereabouts are not known, but given that many others either have their identities(pace the FF) known or are known to congregate at a certain place( Avengers' Mansion, Baxter Building, making them easy targets for process servers.

it doesn't have to be "perps" suing for "brutality/unneccessary force"( be they supervillains or muggers/bank robbers), it can be people who were injured in the course of a battle between heroes and villains or who had their property/business wrecked in said conflagration- or just were traumatized emotionally by them( of course this plot in "The Incredibles" is why the family of superheroes has to retire after being sued to death by irate citizens).

Given the "deep pockets" doctrine and the propensity of "ambulance chasing" attorneys( who wants to sue Spider-Man, Daredevil or the Hulk who are all known to be be virtually destitute when you can "hit the jackpot " by suing the Avengers or the FF who are all known to be loaded?). In an early FF story the Sub_Mariner tries to sue the entire human race for "pain and suffering" caused allegedly by humanity to his people but his suit was dismissed on the grounds that there was no precedent for suing all of humanity( this was back in the 1960s- the law has clearly evolved since those far-off days!).

And what about the rights of foreign superheroes( if any) on American soil?


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it makes sense , i think that was the basis for damage control being formed .

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I think one of the advantages of having a secret identity is that "Spiderman", or any other hero is not a legal person. On paper, the man does not exist, so suing a non-existent entity is... difficult.

Then again, it has happened before. In the Incredibles, Superheroism was banned by the government, because of that reason. A massive train wreck, a suicidal man who didn't want to be saved and an exploded building tallied up one hell of a lawsuit, and since Mr. Incredible wasn't a legally valid person, the government had to pay for it, so, capes were banned for financial reasons.

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Read She Hulk. That happened all the time.

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@Paracelsus: There was a story about a woman that tried to sue Spider-Man, I remember her getting a restraning order on him
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Also Spider-mans been sued and bought to court quite a few times.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Paracelsus: There was a story about a woman that tried to sue Spider-Man, I remember her getting a restraning order on him

Do you mean Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5?

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@Prodigy P said:

@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Paracelsus: There was a story about a woman that tried to sue Spider-Man, I remember her getting a restraning order on him

Do you mean Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5?

yea that's it
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Fanastic Four Inc lost everything a few times cos Reed is a dumbass when it comes to social skills, business and libel cases

he also lost his wife and kid a few times

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@Paracelsus: Namor was sued for $2 billion in the Under Siege arc of Avengers for the property damage he caused when he marched his army through the city. I forget how it turns out.

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I tried to sue Majestic for so many overkills.

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I'm pretty sure Wally West was hit by some lawsuits when an experiment went wrong and he ended up leaving a countrywide, burning trail behind him.

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Didnt they try to sue the New Warriors right before the Civil War broke out?

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Spider-Man was sued by J. Jonah Jameson during Civil War.

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Can Namor as a sitting head of state be sued( remember, Hatch vs baez in the US, the Pinochet case in the UK, Slobodan Milosevic and more recently ex_President George Bush(fils) given the old legal doctrine "the King/Queen - or their republican counterparts- can do no wrong)?


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As said before it happened all the time in She-Hulk, especially Peter Davids run.

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@Paracelsus: they can't be sued if they have diplomatic immunity...... if they don't Im pretty sure they can be taken to court under any case

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Hercules was sued by the Constrictor.

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J Jonah Jameson sued Spider-Man for fraud during Civil War IIRC.

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Hercules is NOT a head of state, therefore he has no diplomatic immunity(things might be different for his old man Zeus!).