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How would Harry Potter's death curse affect the following?

A) The Mask

B) Mr. Mxy

C) Thanos

D) Darkseid

E) Galactus

F) Superman Prime 1 million

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Everyone would survive.

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Well since Voldermort barely survived it and physically he is a normal human.. id say the curse isnt that strong, unless its different outside the movies?

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Well, the curse is pretty powerful, but these guys are more powerful, I believe.

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We can't say for certain. The only times it didn't work in the novels were due to plot devices but these guys are much more powerful than everyone it was used on.

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the havadca dabra is a very inaccurate move. The time it takes to do that move is two seconds. the curse is a forbidian move it no one has the luxery or the odasity of perfecting it. only few can do it which make worst. it likely will not effect those with cartoon physics. They would play along by being hams to act like they are dying. so it wont effect mxyzsptlk or the mask.

Thanos would welcoming to himself to be vulnerable. if anyone remember the cartoon when daffy acts like William Tell while Elmer shoots the apple. it will go like that. if it hits him he is a titan so uncertain. I think make him fall asleep or a coma. same thing with Darksied

It would be more believable that it would kill him than how DC done to kill him. this would open to phantom superman. a super ghost would take into effect. It would be more interesting of him being revive,