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I just thought i would bring this up, i believe that guys and girls with guns in comics, get looked over and are overrated, for example if someone said

Nightwing vs Lara Croft

poor example but lets be all perfectly honest, people would straight away think "Lara would stand there shooting, while nightymighty would come behind her and choke her out"

ok really bad example, but i was using these specific people because people would not take into account that Lara is a trained acrobat and gymnast with one hell of a stamina bar, they straight away think because she uses guns, it puts them at disadvantage, but HELL i think it will give you more of an advantage than none, the way she jumps and shoots

O.K. would really like peoples opinions on this, and be honest, i bet you have thought that because an enemy of batmans uses guns, it makes him invunerable? i know i have, but as soon as i thought it through i think people like Lara Croft will have one hell of a chance against guys like Captain A, and Batman, maybe she wont win... but one hell of a chance.

Thoughs anyone?

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Batman as well as Captain America routinely dodge bullets, lets face it, in comics having a gun against certain characters is pointless. Yes Lara is a skilled fighter and gymnast, but Batman has been trained by the best, worked along side the best, and fought some of the best. Once you've gone toe to toe with the likes of Darkseid and Superman, fighting someone like Lara would be nothing.

Same with Cap. We under estimate the agents of Hydra and such, but really, there suppose to be elite well trained assassins. There not just bums off the street, many are ex-military. And yet Cap dispatches handfuls of them at a time, all while there trying to gun him down.

Unless Lara is just setting on a roof top with a sniper rifle, I don't see her being much of a challenge for either one.

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I think it's true, but that's because people like Batman and Cap face people with guns all the time. They have plenty of experience facing people with guns so it makes sense that if someone using guns comes at them not expecting them to know how to not get shot, they'll be caught off guard and usually beaten. That's not to say that those guys never get shot (Batman got shot just this week), but it's not easy. That's comics though. Also depends on the shooter. If you put The Killer up against Nightwing (outside of a DC comic), I'd say The Killer has a very good chance of winning.

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Guns are overrated. Cannons are where its at!