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Ive heard a rumor that the Green Lantern in the new 52 is homosexual. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing I know its a sensitive topic I was simply wondering if this is true? How far back do I have to go to find the Hal Jordon Green Lantern comics. I know there's been several Green Lanterns.

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The golden age green lantern Alan scott of earth 2 is gay not the silver age space cop Hal jordan

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Alan Scott of Earth2 is now the "gay Green Lantern." He was not gay prior to the New52 but you can read about his current adventures in Earth2 and his main pre-52 adventures in Justice Society of America, JSA, JSA Classified, All Star Comics, All Star Squadron, and Green Lantern vol 1

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@ethericeffect: Hal Jordan is not gay. Alan Scott, the Green Lantern featured in Earth 2 is however now homosexual in the reboot. You only have to catch up on the Earth 2 series to see all of his adventures, unless you are interested in the pre reboot adventures in which he was portrayed as heterosexual.

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Good I knew hal wasn't gay he had a thing with star sapphire or something, he was a womanizer and it was hiliarous I wanted to make sure they didn't screw that up.