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In brightest day, in blackest night... no SPOILERS shall escape your sight.

Seriously, don't go on if you want to avoid spoilers!

Usually I can start pumping out a review right when an episode ends, but this one left me speechless and I needed a few minutes to reflect on just how good this one was. 'Loss' is by far the best episode this show has yet to offer. The action was ferocious, the Razer/Aya relationship was powerful, there were plenty of laughs and the plot took a few steps forward. It's impressive how much the creative team packed into the mere 22 minute runtime.

First and foremost, I'm not embarrassed at all to say the Razer/Aya development almost made me tear up. Was it predictable? Sure, the episode is even plainly called "loss." But this romance was beautifully handled and helped us realize how much Razer has suffered through the years. The somber moment on his homeworld took a cute (but cliche) turn. Right when Aya said "be careful," we knew things weren't going to go his way, but that by no means made the following scenes any less compelling. Personally, I think it's brilliant that they never kissed and it made those final words really pull at your heartstrings. It was some seriously gripping stuff. I can only imagine how much power Razer will possess with that Red Power Ring when he really decides to let loose.

Zox is a terrible leader for the Red Lanterns. He's the true definition of a coward and has an inflated ego. That, my friends, is why he makes this episode so hysterical. Trying to make things right, the Guardians tell him they will help rebuild Ysmault and he loves every single second of it. He's so pathetic that you can't help but smile with every idiotic moment he has ("WHO CARES IF YOU'RE IN DANGER?!"). That little sphere had me cracking up throughout this episode.

The action in this episode was jaw-dropping. Kilowog sawed a Manhunter in half, Razer went all Wolverine on them, and seeing characters ragdolled into mountains was just tons of fun. Every single shot of the Anti-Monitor demolishing everything in his path with a fleet of Manhunters soaring past him was an overdose of awesomeness for my eyes. It's not often a character intimidates you in these shows, but after shots like that I can understand the sense of danger Hal and his friends must be feeling. Regarding the Anti-Monitor, we finally get to see its origin story. Told by a Guardian, the exposition doesn't kill the pace of the show and provides us with the mandatory information we need in a timely and entertaining fashion.

"Loss" has raised the bar for this series. It was emotionally powerful, packed with laughs and super energetic. You know all of those memes that say "still a better love story than Twilight?" I now fully expect to see one with Razer and Aya!

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Love this show

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Awesome Episode

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was a good episode but now can't wait to see krona or did we already see him?

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R.I.P Aya.

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This episode, this season, and this show have been incredible. If you're not watching you should be. I wasn't in love with the first four episodes, but after that, this show starts kicking serious butt--consistently.

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I had such a negative opinion of this show at first, but it has gotten so, so much better.

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I like how Zox is portrayed. Tom Kenny, awesome as always. I'm almost reminded of Starcream when I see this character. Downside is the loss of Aya, but I have a feeling she'll be a different color.

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That was an incredible story! I lime to watch this show with the lights in my room because of how beautiful the coolors are. You can look into aya, s eyes and see LEDS that make up her pupil. Also the plasma energy that surrounds razer when he is out in space to protect him looks like waves of fire. 2 thumbs up on green lantern. 2 thumbs down on the young justice. 2 thumbs up on the cosplayer annoncers right before a commrrcial break. 1 thumb up on the dc shorts (next week, superbff's:-))

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Tbats was one H#LL of an ending but I think its disgrace ful how comics have cheapened death so much. I dont think I could take this seriously as a result of that but I dntt think that was a cliff hanger. I am so stoked for Arrow next. Last few weeks I havd gotten this urge that I must see it:-)

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This show is amazing.

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@NightFang said:

R.I.P Aya.

My theory v

She could be absorbed by the Anti-Monitor and will act as a virus to stop him eventually. Her dying words to Razor could be residual memory. Also the guardian did mention the Anti-Monitor's ability to time travel.
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EVERYTHING'S a better love story than "Twilight"! Even H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" or the poem "Beowulf" is better.

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I want to check this show out, but find it hard to deal with the CGI.

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Loved the razer/ aya romance! I will take drama over action any day of the week!

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The tv show has unfortunately turned anti-monitor into just a robot. The story could've worked by letting the manhunters serve a giant robot instead or maybe even brainiac, computo, robotica, etc. For more romance, maybe bring in the violet people from zamaron. I do like the idea of putting the anti-monitor on the main earth bec. involving the anti-matter universe is always more complicated. A better explanation for the anti- part of the name could be the anti-monitor generates anti-energy like wildfire or maybe uses anti-matter fusion. A monitor is also supposed to be an observer and plotter and so should not be taking part in fight scenes too much. An anti-monitor leading an intelligent black lantern corps would be more interesting similar to the old thunderers of qward. Qward can also be put on the main universe to avoid the complication of an anti-matter universe. The android manhunters first fought the Justice League of America in issues 140-141 in the 1970s and their boss was the Grandmaster who I think is good enough for the cartoons and no need to plug in the anti-monitor.

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damn this ep was great!! so Exiting n so sad...why only once a week??!!

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since they've shown red and blue lanterns now,along with star sapphire is it safe to assume we will see the rest? don't expect to see white lantern or black lanterns (that would be cool though)............... REALLY WANNA SEE LARFLEEZE and an Agent Orange storyline!!!!!

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If the show is not cancelled, probably the next big villain would be Sinestro and the yellow corps, since Sinestro has already shown up as a Green Lantern. Other possible future villains are thunderers of Qward, Darkstars of the controllers, black lanterns of Nekron, third army of Volthoom, vuldarians, etc.

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Good episode and reivew! But Gregg, no Young Justice review??

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Loved this episode Aya was one of my favorite characters on the show :(

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Wow Anti-Monitor?? Sweet! Gotta check this out...

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Still, Zox turned out to be smarter than I thought, with his "milk the Green Lanterns for all they're worth" plan.

And they certainly left us with a good cliffhanger.

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I want to see Larfleeze so bady...

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@RoTheKid said:

Good episode and reivew! But Gregg, no Young Justice review??

I wouldn't be doing the show...erm...justice...because I have yet to see the majority of Season 1.

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Really enjoying this show. Gives me a reason to turn on tv and enjoy it with my son.

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