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I was reading through the comments on the History of the New 52 article, and I started thinking about how Jeff Lemire is going to reboot Green Arrow when he takes over in February.

"It [GREEN ARROW] really is totally a clean slate, so I can alter and change and rebuild his mythology however I want to." - Jeff Lemire

Do you think that we might see more this with books that have been struggling? I know I'm rooting for a Hawkman reboot that will remove the alien origins. I strongly preferred the Prince Khufu storyline with the reincarnations. Other books like Deathstroke have choked, I don't know what the plan is for Blue Beetle (might he join Raven's new book?), so it makes me wonder if we'll see some more reboots now that it appears Green Arrow will be getting one. Maybe use what has worked from the New 52 so far (Flash, Wonder Woman, JLD) and make some tweaks using perhaps the Trinity War this summer? Thoughts?