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  1. You can only vote once for each fight. If possible give reasons.
  2. The votes will be counted every 3 days to determine which viner goes to the next round.
  3. If possible give reasons for your choices, everyone can take it as criticism to grow up as a writer.
  4. Each battle will be determined randomly.

First round

Gambler vs Angelic Reaper

Sha vs Precise

Morte vs Babs

Risky vs Akira Overdrive/Clutch

Mistress Redhead vs Morte Rapida

Nighthunter vs Obi-wan Kenobi

Eclipse vs Tenjin

Acer vs Wasman

Kiara Sullivan vs Fourpower

Nevann vs Buckshot

Talon X-23 vs Autowoman

Kurrent vs Hawk

Andferne vs Darkchild

Feral Nova vs Mighty Magneto

Lady Tieso vs Final Arrow/Sovereign Son

Hunter vs Mercy

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If a mod could block this because I'm kind of stupid :p