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Like star wars or gi Joe or some ninja stuff or some

Western stuff or horror? Please help me I'd really appreciate it.

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Fatale has been a great book so far from image. It has a lot of horror elements and is a very intriguing tale. The only issue is that there really is no great jumping on point so it would be best to start at issue one.

X-O Manowar has been a great sci fi story from Valiant. It may turn into a super hero book but so far it sits firmly in the scifi genre.

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@cap10nate: I really appreciate the suggestions. Thank you

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X-O Manowar.

Brian Wood's Star Wars series.


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@sog7dc: If it's horror comics you're after I have to recommend Mike Mignola's Baltimore.

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Any about ninja? Or good westerns? Or star wars?

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The Manhattan Projects!

For something Western style, try Six-Gun Gorilla. :)

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If you're a fan of Westerns, then All-Star Western is a great book. Would you also consider Phantom Stranger as a superhero? That title is also great.

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Transformers obviously.

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Ok what about ninja/samurai?

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All Star Western has been solid. Jonah Hex on lots of different interesting bounty hunter jobs. And the backup stories always feature some wonky Wild West character.

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@sog7dc said:

Ok what about ninja/samurai?


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Rice Boy.

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The G.I. Joe comics have always been one of the best non superhero comics. I recommend them.

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*shrug shoulders*

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Archer & Armstrong


East of West

The Wake

Star Wars (Brian Wood)

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I find IDW's Godzilla series pretty good.

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King City

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Prison Pit 1-4 by Johnny Ryan if you're looking for a really fun read