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Hi. I am sure this has been discussed here before. I have dreamed of being in a course dedicated graphic materials and here is what I have learned:

To shut up.

Not everyone is at the same level of understanding of graphic novels. They don't know the history how there weren't shops when comics were first published. Students don't know about shifts in continuity and what it means. They don't know when the published in floppy forms. Don't throw in fun facts when discussing the camp era of Batman comics such as the Adam West reference in the Dark Knight Rises. Let others have the time to think and speak. You have good thoughts but give others a chance to speak. Shut up.

I deserved every comment and it was awful. The ugly truth about a graphic novels course is that some people come in hoping to find people with the same levels of interest and finally feel comfortably talking about the future of Vertigo without Karen Berger at the helm. Others came out of curiosity and were looking for something different. There's a nice group dynamic. The course is taught by librarians and open to students at the graduate level. Don't get me wrong it is a fun course and we have sampled a variety of materials: Sweet Tooth Bone Ghostworld The Arrival (one of my favorite graphic novels of all time). Batwoman is the one I got in trouble with because A) I love the author. B) The artwork is amazing. and C)BATMAN is in it! I knew her history and tried to explain the professor said it was irrelevant and understand that for the purposes of the class.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Different? I'm just moping tonight. I'll be fine by next week.

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