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So my lovely girlfriend bought me three grab bags from midtown comics for Christmas and I have to say I love grab bags. They let you get a random assortment of titles and they always send you a bag that is worth anywhere to 3 to 10 times what you payed for them. In those bags I happened to run into 7 or 8 varient covers and exclusive covers that they were selling for more than the grab bag. The problem I have now is that with midtown you have to space out when you buy a grab bag because she bought me two 50 DC and a 50 Marvel grab bag and the two DC bags were 85% identical. So that leads me to ask you guys if you have any ideas of where I can purchase these kind of values in the future. I used to buy the value packs from Lone Star but they got rid of their bags by character so I do not really want the Indie's because I'm a mainstream superhero reader. Let me know about your experiences and where I should buy :)

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I've never been into buying grab bags but you do make it sound appealing!

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If you don't have a huge collection where doubles will plenty then yeah they are really fun, but the fun thing is if you find yourself with lots of doubles you can sell them and make more than you spent! lol But it is really fun to go through a bag. It reminds me of the surprise of opening a pack of cards back when I was a kid.