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I love vampires and im looking for suggestions on comics with cool vampires....and I mean real rip your head off/disembowel you vampires.

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American Vampire. I know its Snyder so that can be rather polarizing, but I think AV is a really solid series. Oh, and it has some pretty bad ass vamps. Skinner Sweet anyone???

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One's where they're portrayed as mostly regular people and not the biggest threat in said comic and made fun of and down trodden because of Twilight? At least, that's how the Vampires are in a film idea I came up with (after seeing the abomination that was GI 2) that's essentially an homage to the old Universal Monster Movies that involves Vampires, Werewolves, and a take on Frankenstein's Monster mixed with some 70's style action-sploitation right out of a Quentin Tarantino movie and Nazis in a modern setting.

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Oh! And two of the main good guys (behind the main character) are Blaxploitation werewolves who, up until the beginning of the movie, still thought it was the 70's.

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@sog7dc: An American Vampire special the Long Road to Hell=beautiful art+vamps. I'm actually reading it right now and wow, this is what your looking for.

edit: Oh and I've been hearing a lot of good stuff about I, vampire.

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I, Vampire I thought was pretty cool.

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already reading that one and I am in love with the vamps in it. Snyder is awesome IMO

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@sog7dc: Try out I, Vampire its awesome.

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American Vampire and I, Vampire.

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And Batman Red Rain is pretty great too.

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I, Vampire. :( Why oh why did you have to get canceled! Check it out though, give it some last love. :)

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American Vampite or I,Vampire.

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Look for this comic called Sword Of Dracula. And I have heard good things about the new Morbius book.

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@sog7dc: American Vampire, I, Vampire, 30 Days of Night, Morbius and there is Day Men coming out for BOOM!

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@sog7dc: I don't know any vampire comics... however I know of this pretty thrilling and manly novel you should check out. It's called Twilight.


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@sog7dc: American Vampire is the best, followed by I Vampire, which was recently cancelled by DC, but it's great nontheless.