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My intro to lit teacher is having my class break into groups and teach a class and he said that I could do short comic book stories. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any good short stories in comic forum. I already know Neil Gaiman's batman story where batman and joker are two actors. Basically it needs to be accessible to those without a large comic background i.e. not something my classmates will have had to read Infinite crisis to understand. Thanks for any suggestions :)

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Sorry if i put this in the wrong spot

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Maybe the Killing Joke. Joe Hill's the Cape. JMS's run on Brave & the Bold was nothing but great one shot stories.

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I say find some issues of A+X. The stories are short, sweet, and fun.

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Well there are now 3 or 4 volumes of Batman Black & White, which are all filled with great Batman short stories. The Gaiman one you mention is one of my favorites of those. Bruce Timm also has a great one centered around a "cured" Two-Face.