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Marvel announces an unconventional movie idea starring two Marvel characters that aren't a team or part of a team in the Marvel Universe. Could be like the comic book hero/antihero version of either Lethal Weapon or Kane & Lynch etc. Who do you team up and who is the villain they're facing?

Stipulation #1: Characters can have worked together in the past but do not belong to the same team or were ever an official duo. They must be opposites either in temperament or sanity or both. But most importantly, also tell us why you think they'd be great on the same team.

Stipulation #2: The villain can be a head villain with their own organisation or team, they can be a team of villains or they can be an opposite duo and they can have worked together or been a duo. And again, why would they be good to fight your duo?


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nice post :)

probably be Captain America & The Punisher,if they can work out their differences in getting the job done or come to an understanding they would be the idle Good Cop Bad Cop team imo.

As for the Villian then that would have to be King Pin & his organisation.O man im just watering at the mouth just thinking about this encounter lol Imo a match/battle/scenario made in heaven for so many reasons :)

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Bump :)

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Stilt-Man and Hypno Hustler

They fight Punisher in an antagonist role.