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First post, sure it won't be my last lol.

Been out of the comic game for awhile and recently decided to jump back in. Needless to say I've got a lot to get caught up on, and while I'm working on picking up back issues of some of my favorite 80s titles (yeah I'm old) I thought i'd pick up some new stuff.

I know there are several services out there that offer up subscriptions and publishers do their own thing (Marvel, DC) although Image doesn't do subs from what I can tell. What are my choices for an "all in one" service that covers most of the publishers? I know of Heavy Ink, but am not going through them for a few reasons and wanted to know what other choices there are if any?

Yeah, I would much rather trade with the LCS, but no "cool" ones are close enough to warrant the drive and the ones that are close mainly just carry a few popular books and a lot of anime toys and TCG stuff. Not my cup of tea...

Also wanted to ask if any new comic mags have popped up? Noticed Wizard was gone and their online thing never took I guess, really miss flipping through that mag and Toywiz as I always enjoyed reading the magazine even if the info wasn't that great at times lol.

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DCBS sounds it would suit your needs. They offer good discounts and handle all the major publishers: http://www.dcbservice.com/