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im mainly an xmen Spiderman green lantern batman fan but i would love to read some of cap. im not looking to get caught up but more along the lines of reading his best stories so from his silver age return to now whats his best? i have the cd of his comics from his start to 06 so it can be from,any paet of his career

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Brubaker's run on Captain America is must read, though quite long. The short run by Stern/Byrne is great. The DeMatteis/Zeck period features a lot of great stories. I like a lot of Gruenwald's run, though it suffered from weak art, in my opinion. The Secret Empire story, in the 70's, by Steve Gerber is a particularly momentous arc for Captain America.

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Captain America: Man out of Time (Great story by Mark Waid about Cap adjusting to the 21st century. A good starting point)

Captain America: Winter Soldier (The start of Brubaker's fantastic run on the character)

The Death of Captain America (A three-part story by Brubaker about Cap's death and Bucky replacing him)

Captain America: Operation Rebirth (The classic Waid-Ron Garney run)

Captain America No More (When Cap drops the mantle and leaves the government)

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Agreed. This is the perfect Captain America reading order.