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Anyone like and read Golden Age Comics?

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Read a bit of Golden Age Superman a while back.

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I've read some.. wasn't really feeling it.

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Stan Lee!!! That was a lot of money to be rushed through the room by a bunch of guys I can't even remember and flashed suddenly like DMV….but it was worth it!!

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I want to get a picture with Stan but there are always so many people in his lines, that they have to force everyone through at lightning speeds.

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Read some golden age Superman not too long ago. It's quite entertaining despite the "cheesy" dialogue.

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I dig the Golden Age stuff that I've read, but I haven't read a lot of it. Mainly only Doctor Fate and Sandman stories. After the first couple of appearances of Fate it boils down to him punching gangsters in the face every issue. "Cooome onnnn Fate! Use your magics!"

and this.

@orionsilver: That picture looks so awkward lol

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Not interested in GA comics.I mean they are just too corny and goofy for me.

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Some like Sandman, All Star and Green Lantern. For the most part though, it's not my favorite era.

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@billy_batson: Are they really free??And what of Silver Age???

Yeah, you just need sign up, which is free as well.

http://comicbookplus.com/ mentions Silver Age but all these comics are in public domain so you won't see DC and Marvel stuff, though there's plenty of Fawcett Captain Marvel and Quality Comics Plastic Man.


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@billy_batson: Damn it!!But I'll def take Captain Marvel comics...Was looking forward to SA.Lol

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Yes, that picture is a bad one….and maybe it shows the confusion of hurrying people through lines. I thought it ruined the picture, my friend said the goofy look made the picture…Wizard World was mixed…without them I would never have a picture with Stan Lee…but they charged an arm an a leg and their misrepresented advertising cheated me out of the cheaper and better experience with Stan. You could get a pic and go to the panel or go to a small panel separately, where you actually ask him questions and talk, but that wasn't part of the VIP package like it sounded. It was great to meet him, although it was very rushed and he was sick the day before. Nobody's better than anybody else or perfect, but still lucky to meet him at 91. He did seem friendly and was nicer than the wizard world brass.

As for golden age comics, everyone has their own opinion, but they are not all the same. Some people feel they are too simple or "goofy", but they are more directly from the imagination. I actually like the original superman better than the one they have know. Both old and new comics have their advantages and disadvantages. Planet Comics seems hecka fun to read to me, and when it gets repetitive or boring, I start back where I left off again later and it's still interesting when I come back to it, and read a bit at a time. The comics were longer then, like 80 pages instead of 30, so it takes longer to read, you get more for your money in a way. I like the strange characters in the golden age comics, too.

Like Basil Wolverton's characters and Stardust by Fletcher Hanks.