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According to the Death Battle Re-analysis

Goku is powerful enough to move 1.6 Quintillion tons or 1,600,000,000,000,000,000 tons as a SSJ4.

Reversing this process, 1.6 quintillion divided 10, divided by 4, divided by 2, divided by 50.

This means

Base Goku-400,000,000,000 tons or 400 billion tons

SSJ Goku-20,000,000,000,000 tons or 20 Trillion tons

SSJ2-40,000,000,000,000 tons or 40 trillion tons

SSJ3-160,000,000,000,000 tons or 160 trillion tons

SSJ4-1,600,000,000,000,000,000 tons or 1.6 quintillion tons

According to Death Battle's Re-analysis

Goku can withstand over 21.2 Septillion megatons of force.

Base Goku- 53 sextillion megatons

SSJ-2625 sextillion megatons of force

SSJ2-5250 sextillion megatons of force

SSJ3-2.1 septillion megatons of force

SSJ4-21.2 Septillion megatons of force

Again in Death Battles Re-analysis Goku has an approximate speed of

Base Goku-2,000,000,000 mi/sec

SSJ-100,000,000,000 mi/sec

SSJ2-200,000,000,000 mi/sec

SSJ3-800,000,000,000 mi/sec

SSJ4-8,000,000,000,000 mi/sec

Now for Naruto. I do not watch Naruto and I simply had to go by friends. (Who are massive fanboys of Naruto)

Naruto fighting Pain threw two Rhino a mile high they said. They said the Rhino's were 50x the size of a normal Rhino. So thus 50x the weight.

An average Rhino weight 3 tons so they would weigh 150 tons each. Combined 300 tons, of course they said not only did Naruto catch them he threw them. A normal Rhino on average is 6 ft long. 50x bigger would make it 300ft long. According to physics, to lift something, you must be lifting with force double that of Gravity pulling it down. That puts Naruto at 600 tons. Keep in mind this was Sage Mode Naruto. A mile is 5280 ft. If he threw then that many feet. He only had to overcome the Rhinos' overall mass 17 times. Or throw with 17x the force pulling them down. Meaning Sage Mode Naruto threw 5,100 tons. This is assuming my friends gave me accurate information. Now, the say for every tailed form, his stat is increased x2. So that make Naruto, in Four Tails, at 81,600 tons. They then said from Four Tails to Eight Tails its x4 for every tail. This would put Naruto at 20,889,600 tons. Or 20 million, 889 thousand, 600 tons. This again is assuming the information they gave was accurate. They then said Nine-Tails was 16x stronger. So Naruto's final strength is

334,233,600 tons. Or 334 million, 233 thousand, 600 tons.

Again assuming the info they gave me was right.

Naruto's Speed was somewhat more difficult, but they supplied info.

He said Naruto crossed an ocean in only 2 seconds. I doubted this myself since all of Naruto takes place on one general continent. But I just wanted to prove how little chance Naruto has of beating Goku to them. To be generous I gave Naruto the Pacific Ocean as a measurement of that ocean. So Naruto crossed 12,300 mi in two seconds. This means he was moving at 6,150 mi/sec. Again this is Sage Mode, and if their assumptions are correct. And I was generous, it was probably much smaller than the Atlantic. So I multiply that x2, four times and I get 98,400 mi/sec. Then the 4x, I get 25,190,400 mi/sec. Then 16x 403,046,400 mi/sec.. Which would be Sage Mode Naruto at Nine-Tails. If my friend's info were correct.

For Naruto's durability I had nothing to really go by. But I found a work around that helped. The Largest Nuke ever detonated was 50 megatons and could decimate an entire city. Pain did the same, and Naruto took that attack. So Naruto's durability is at least 50 Megatons. Again this is Sage Mode, with 4-tails, it is 800 Megatons, 8-tails would be at 204,800 Megatons. 9-tails would be 3,276,800 megatons. Which is his final calculation lets compare.

Strength-Base Goku-400 Billion tons>> Nine-tailed Fox Sage Mode Naruto-335 million tons

Speed- Base Goku-2 Billion mi/sec>>Nine-tailed Fox Sage Mode Naruto -404 million mi/sec

Durability-Base Goku-53 Sextillion megatons of force>>>Nine Tailed Fox Sage Mode Naruto-3,276,800 megatons

This proves Goku's base form is more than what it would take to beat Naruto, and in this comparison all of Naruto's feats were generously calculated. Assuming my friends were right. Those Rhino's could've weighed far less, We do not know which ocean he crossed, or if it even was an ocean, and I am pretty sure Pain's attack that wiped out a village is weaker than the largest Nuke tested, as Villages are smaller than very large cities.

Link to Death Battle Re-Analysis:http://www.screwattack.com/news/final-analysis-superman-and-goku-w-power-levels

What do you think? Think I made a mistake, let me know below!!