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So it seems as if John Stewart is heading his own book for the first time in who knows how long. I seriously hope the sales don't plummet, and people give the new creative team a chance. Honestly, I think the whole GL line of books is giving me the most hype out of all the DC books right now. It certainly is the only line of books I faithfully read after all this time, though I still do pick up the Wonder Woman and Flash books from time to time.

There is something for everyone with GL. There are four main GL titles, headed by the four main human GLs that everyone has grown up with in one way or another. I've known John from the cartoon that aired on CN, and they'll continue writing this version of him, which I think is intriguing. Also, my second favorite lantern, Guy Gardner is in the Red Lantern Corps. for now doing what he's doing. There is definitely hype coming from me.

I just hope this new John-led Corps. run last longer than his Mosaic run did, but time will tell.

And get John a movie, Warner!!!