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Hello Comic Friends I have a Question.

After taking a good long look at my collection I realized that without trying I only have 3 books that feature female lead . I decided to add some girl power to my weekly reading and would love some input. So far, what looks interesting to me, Fearless defenders , Batwoman, Worlds Finest, Wonder woman, I would love some feedback and some suggestions about other books that feature a female lead. Thank you and have a pleasant comic Wednesday.

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Wonder Woman


Justice League Dark


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@vitalius said:

Wonder Woman


Justice League Dark


JLDark doesn't have a female lead. It did once upon a time in the New 52. In fact it had more than 1. But now it's just another John Constantine fan boy book. Completely unnecessary since he's got his own and this is supposed to be a team book but no one wants me ranting on this again

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I don't have any books that have female leads and I like it like that.

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@akindoodle: The first arc seemed to be lead by Madame Xanadu, she basically assembles the team and drops all sorts of vague premonitions about the world ending. You know, her usual. Plus the JLD book started in New 52 before Constantine had his solo series, so if anything the solo series is the Constantine overkill.

Saga has some strong female characters, and there's always Hit Girl. Suicide Squad is technically run by Amanda Waller and features Harley Quinn as a lead character, but I always think of it more as Deadshot's team.

There's also Vampirella, Dejah Thorne, Tarot, and tons of other female leads which are essentially just excuses to draw heaving breasts.

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Well sure Costantine is kind main character but there Madame Xanadu and Zatanna also lead the tittle. Plus there is less known female characters like Amethyst and Black Orchid (Garcia).

You also have Suicide Squad but between Skinny Waller, people calling Harley Quinn a whore and Deadshoot being field leader, i amnt sure if you want to read and same goes to Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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X-Men & Wonder Woman

might wanna add Harley Quinn and Black Widow when they come out.

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If this was a few months ago I would recommend Batwoman with no hesitation as it's been brilliant, but there's a new creative team starting, so I have no idea if it's going to be as good. I think Batwoman is a good character, with a good supporting cast, so hopefully the new creative team can write some good stories with her. Though that could be tricky if DC are going to interfere with things. I'd definitely recommend her solo stuff that has come before though, starting with Elegy before going in to the New 52 stuff.

Captain Marvel has just finished, but her series is relaunching in (I think)March with the same writer, so it should be good, and I like the look of the new She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel titles that I think are starting in February.

Avengers Assemble is about to start an arc that I believe has Araña as the lead character, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Warren Ellis, which sounds pretty cool to me. And there are Black Widow and Elektra solo titles starting next year. I'm not really interested in them, but maybe they'll be good for you.

As for indie stuff, Pretty Deadly, a kind of supernatural western series has just started, and the first issue was great. The Powerpuff Girls have a mini-series at the moment that's on #2. It's a fun read, and a nice change from more serious superhero comics. And I recently read Trish Out Of Water #1, which had an interesting enough second half to make me order the second issue, so I can maybe give an opinion on that when it arrives.

Hope some of this helps. :)

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Captain Marvel is AMAZING. That should totally on your your list! As said above, its relaunching in All-New Marvel Now and it would be a great jumping on point.

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Marvel is having a 99 cent sale on alot of female lead superheroes like captain marvel so that would be a great way to get some new comics with female leading the comics.