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No more Nicolas Cage! :D

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Also since Blade rights came back and Marvel is already working on Dr. Strange's movie maybe we might actually get a Midnight Sons movie. Come on Marvel make it happen.

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Yes! Its like Marvel is buying the rights back to all the lame FOX movies they made with the characters.

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Best news all week. Thank God..... Ghost Rider deserves a legit movie!

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call me back when its the fantastic four...

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yay hope we get lilith as a villain :D

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@dh69 said:

call me back when its the fantastic four...

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Well this is good news

Ghost Rider back at Marvel

I have waited for this moment for a long time! Marvel, reboot Ghost Rider now! Use Danny Ketch instead of Blaze as he has easier connection to the Midnight Sons, better and proper villains (Looking at you BLACKOUT!), and ensures NO NICK CAGE!

Now, give me a real Ghost Rider/Blackout fight.

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@dh69: They also have Blade and Daredevil back.

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Good no more corny Nicholas Cage! Now if Marvel/Disney can only get the right back to the Xmen, I will be totally happy. I think that's whats going to eventually happen anyway and it would be for the best.

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Nicholas Cage already played a great Ghost Rider.... except it was a different movie.

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We pretty much have to hope all Fox's new Marvel movies are total failures so Fox will just leave them alone for long enough to revert back.

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NICE!!! With so many characters returning, it just opens up the possiblities of storylines to be made. Wow. I think Daredevil will be rebooted first though. He should, he's AWESOME.

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I doubt they will make another Ghost Rider any time soon. I don't think anyone save big Ghost Rider fans (all 84 of them) would even notice if he never rode again in books or film.

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@cap10nate: I wouldn't even be all that bothered if he didn't get a solo movie and was just put in a Midnight Sons movie. Just have them do like Hulk in Avengers replace the actor and everybody keeps quiet about the first 2 movies.

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Some where I know the Arson Bettle from Family Guy is saying "good...good"

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And if Nic Cage shows up to the auditions Disney will hopefully feed him to their lawyers, I know they're used to feeding on the kids who get lost at Disney World but I'm sure they'll be happy for a change of menu for once.

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Now he can be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! And he could be very key in like Phase 3 or 4 having the opponent be Mephisto! I like it! Make it happen Marvel!

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This is great news!!!