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Hey, there. Drixaeterna here. Now, I've been reading mangas for some years now, and my years reading mangas has lead to my eyes being accustomed to looking at the top right of a page first and reading from there. I stared reading comics a couple months ago after a friend of mine told me about the awesome Batman run by Scott Snyder. Naturally, I picked up an issue just to see what it was that was so great about it. Admittedly, I didn't really expect to see anything that would hook me to the series.

but it's pretty hard to argue with this

I was enthralled by what I saw and quickly found myself practically throwing my money at the proprietor of the local shop in my town. I got into DareDevil, Venom, Rocketeer, etc. I eventually even picked up all of the AvX issues. It was awesome. I was experiencing a buzz from all the awesome art and storytelling mastery that I treated myself to. I did, however, notice that it always took me a second to actually start reading a page because I'd always look at the top right first before telling myself, "Oy, that isn't where you start reading." After a while, I did get used to it...but then...

these things started getting confusing to read

I read mangas a couple times a week. I read comic books a couple times a month. It hasn't been that long yet and I'm fairly certain after a while, I'll just get used to the back and forth between the starting points.

If you guys read both comics and manga, have any of you guys ever experienced this? It'd be nice to know that I'm not the only gets lonely...