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So since the new 52 launch I have kind of been neglecting my marvel books other than some ultimates and ff stuff.. I want to start reading the wolverine and the x-men book and the other x-men book... What's the title of Scott Summer's x-men book? I'm sure its something obvious like x-men, but i just wanna check before i go to the store :P

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Well, I know that the Xmen have split, so IDK the series scott is in.

All I can do is recommend other series from marvel:Amazing Spiderman, Moon Knight, Ultimate Spiderman, Daredevil, The Ultimates, and Venom. Secret Avengers is also getting a new start with a new writer next month, so you could pick that up.

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Scott is in Uncanny X-Men!

Edit: I also want to second Superguy on DD! And then you have Scarlet Spider which hit the shelves with #1 this week. Even if you haven't followed ASM: Spider Island I think you should be fine, my impression is that stuff gets explained.

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Daredevil, Punisher, Incredible Hulk, Red Skull: Incarnate(I think the mini-series is over, though), Carnage: USA, and Venom are the ones I can think of.

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Uncanny X-Force, Punisher, Winter Soldier (come out in February), The Ultimates, Venom, & Secret Avengers