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So, I have been really interested in getting some blank comic covers sketched from some of my favorite artists. I've done some research and looked into how people go about getting them done.

I'm just wondering if anyone here has had any done and what was your experience? Did you write the artist to have them do a commission or maybe just get them done at comic-cons, how much did you pay, etc..?

Here's an example of one done by artist Matt Slay...

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I would love to get a sketch from Joe Mad or Gary Frank, maybe not a blank comic cover though. Just something to hang on the wall.

I'm pretty sure you have to contact the artist and they will tell you how much.

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@ccraft: Yeah, it seems very popular also to get a sketchbook and have the artists draw in those. I've made a list of about 20+ artists who I would be interested in getting a sketch from but I'd say with about half of those it's not going to happen. Either they simply do not do commissions or I know they are very pricey like Alex Maleev for example.

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I love getting sketches done on blank sketch covers by artists I like. I mainly do it at conventions or at in-store signings.

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I trully wish I could, seeing as I have a few blank variants from my favourite series but seeing as I live in the UK, I have better chances of watching pigs fly. I could go to comic cons that happen here (rarely) but they're always far away and turn out rather expensive when taking into account other costs to make the trip a reality.

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@impossibilly: Sweet. Which artists have you had draw a sketch? Would love it if you shared them too. Not sure if you've seen it but you could also post them in the comic collection pic thread.

What have you experienced in prices and waits in line at the conventions?

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Usually the artists at conventions will have their prices on a sign on their booth. I've gotten a couple. Chris Giarusso was really cool and was giving out bust sketches, and Ivan Reis even did a GL sketch which now I hang proudly.

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@impossibilly: I was kinda hoping for some more details about the experience.

@dabee: Very cool. Nothing like have a custom piece of art. How long did you wait in line for them? What did you pay for those two sketches?

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@irishx: Sorry, I've been so busy with NYCC activities this past week that I haven't had the chance to follow-up. I was able to get a bunch of sketches from NYCC this year. When I get home tonight, I'll try to post pictures of some of them.

In general, I try to get as many sketches as possible in this sketchbook that I picked up at a bookstore. The whole book is Spider-Man by different artists. I started it about 10 years ago, and now have about 50 sketches. The artists in it range from those who worked on a Spider-Man comic before, like Mark Bagley and Todd Nauck, to those who might never associate with Spider-Man, like Jim Mahfood. I added four more sketches to that book this year at NYCC.

I brought a few blank covers with me this year and had them sketched by Todd Nauck and Adam Hughes. I wanted to get more, but at these conventions the early bird gets the worm and artists' lists fill up fast.

In general, the prices you pay for a sketch can fluctuate wildly in both cost and quality. So many comics artists are on DeviantArt or have their own site these days. I recommend checking there to see prices and examples of what their convention sketches look like.

If you can't to a convention, some artists will take orders for sketches through the mail on their own website, but this varies from artist to artist.

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Ah, thanks for getting back to me though. I'm from NY myself but just cannot get down to NYCC. Money is always tight this time of year. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the pictures for sure. I watched a bunch of videos on youtube of the con yesterday (I will be there next year mark my words). Adam Hughes! He must have cost a few bucks. I would love to get one done by him.

I'm planning on doing something similar and getting different artists versions of my favorite Wolverine. The first artist on my list is Mike Deodato Jr. I know you can get a commission from him through glasshousegraphics.com and I'll be looking in to what he charges then save for the rest of my life to get one done.

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@irishx: Adam Hughes is actually very reasonably priced, believe it or not. But this because he now only does very quick head sketches. He usually sets aside a little time each day of a convention for these sketches. At NYCC, it was the first and last hour of each day. These sketches were only $20, with half the money going to charity. I think he and his wife (also a very talented illustrator) pick from a rotating group of charities for each show. I was able to get four sketches from him at various points this weekend: Batman, Thing, Spider-Man and Michonne. I almost went back to his table for more on Sunday, but realized I had spent enough time and money at this table. I've wanted a Hughes convention sketch for years. I'm glad I'm able to finally cross that goal off my list.

How far upstate are you? I know there's an annual convention in Albany that gets a good line-up of guests. I've never been to it, but I've heard good things.

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Wow. That is an unbelievable price even for a quick con sketch. Especially with his level of talent and fame.

I'm just outside the Albany area. Went last year to the con in Albany for the first time and this year me and my kids will all be cosplaying there. Can't wait for Nov. 10th. I'll be going as Rorschach and the two little ones will be Dark Phoenix and Raven. Mike McKone will be there and my Raven fan is looking forward to getting his auto or maybe a sketch if possible.

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@irishx: Oh, cool. Mike McKone is a really nice guy. I have a sketch from him from a past NYCC. Just make sure to hit him up early. If I remember correctly, his lists tend to fill up fast.

I keep wanting to go to that Albany Con, but never make it up there. I love Fred Hembeck, and it seems like that convention is the furthest south he'll travel. Though to be fair, I've bought enough sketches directly from Fred through the mail that I probably don't need another. ;)

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Oh, and if you're thinking of going the sketchbook route, I highly recommend buying a pad of Bristol board and having artists sketch on that. I ran into a guy at Pittsburgh Comic Con who was filling up a pad of Bristol boards with Joker sketches from various artists. His pad looked very cool. I like doing it this way for a couple of reasons: it's the same size as original comic art, and you can remove boards from the pad if you want to frame them or put them all in portfolio. I kind of wish I thought of this when I started my Spidey book.

Here are a couple of sketches I was able to get from Todd Nauck last weekend at NYCC.

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Wow man that is awesome. They are beautiful. Thanks for the recommendation and thanks for sharing the pics. I'll def. look into that especially with the option to remove the boards to frame them.