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Tell me what you guys think:

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I think everyone hates the way DC handled this. It was so Butch league. won't make me like Marvel better than DC..(DC, IMHO, just has better writers.) but Gail is a very good writer, and Batgirl was a very good series. I mean, we all knew she wasn't going to write Batgirl forever, but I thought she'd leave on her own terms. If I was her, it'd be awhile before I went back to DC, unless she could be guaranteed this wouldn't happen again.If she did go back to DC..I'd love to see her do a Black Canary series. (Why not start one, I've heard Gail say Black Canary is her favorite character. In fact, it was in an interview Babs did with Gail.) I loved her Wonder Woman also, but really like what Azzarello is doing with WW, so got to let him stay there as long as he wants. It's doubtful I'll still read Batgirl after Gail leaves.

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@Manwhohaseverything: I would love to see her write a Black Canary series written by Gail

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Umm... What happened? The video won't really help as my sound card is so busted right now.

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This is the first I'm hearing about this. Total bummer, man. Her work on Secret Six was awesome...

Having said that, I'd like to see her do Thunderbolts. With Songbird as the leading lady, of course.

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She was fired from DC? Wow. I thought she was just off Batgirl.

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@ssejllenrad: Gail got an email that she was fired from Batgirl. Meaning she was fired from DC Comics. But there are many companies looking for her to write either a creator owned series or another superhero book

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here my personal opinion

first personally I hated Batgirl, i thought it was the worst of the new 52, just the worst thing she ever written in her entire career and I as an Oracle fan and as Batgirl fan ended up completely hating the new Barbara Gordon, I just Hate her guts, Batgirl's voice, that freakish voice, its like she is 12 years old dialog, I just try to ignore all the thoughtboxes casue her inner voice just so annoying, the plots were uninteresting, the villains just suck and have 0 motivation most of times, and there were just too much blood and gore and torture, its just a very unpleasant book, this kind of style worked on S6, but not here, not on Batgirl, and finally the whole PTSD crap, i think it just end up victimizing Barbara WORST than the actual Killing Joke ever did, cause at least Oracle had a physical trauma, but This Batgirl had a Physical AND a mental trauma, so it makes her look weaker, more fragile, inferior.

so this news is just like Christmas got early for me

look at the positive side

Barbara Gordon is a character that Gail Simone has written exclusively for almost 10 years, and this recent run just proved to me that she was a year and a half too long on this character, it is time to move on and let someone else follows her path just like she followed Dixon's path, it is time to give Barbara to someone else, to create the new Barbara Gordon, cause she is a character that was here before Gail and will be here after her, and its the same argument that didnt let her write Birds of Prey. so whatever you like the this is good for the character.

and this is also a great opportunity for Gail, it gives her new possibilities, to try new grounds, the last time she did that was with Secret Six and she did a great job there so let her do something new.

she will probably not go to Marvel, she always had a mentality that Marvel was a boys club, and (dont quote me on this) I think she really hates Joe Quesada, and despite the amount of female writers that there are now on Marvel i dont think that she have changed that perspective

also it is just not a good time to start on Marvel for her, with the whole restructuring of Marvel on Marvel Now, there are very few opportunities for her to grab a big project

I think it is likely that she is going to stay on DC, she still has the plasticman mini with EVS coming up and i dont think the higher ups want her gone entirely

And Finally this whole "SHE WAS FIRED BY EMAIL"

people are just making an storm in a glass of water

from what i understood she was in an ongoing discussion with her editor, which might had included or not talks by phone and she was probably aware that she was getting out of the book

the e-mail of wednesday is just the final confirmation that she was out, you have to understand that Gail doesnt live even close to DC editorial and most of the communication between a writer and an editor happen by e-mail

she was still removed from the book, being confirm by an un-personal means is not better or worst

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

@ssejllenrad: Gail got an email that she was fired from Batgirl. Meaning she was fired from DC Comics.

that actually doesnt mean the same thing at all

she is still getting offers from DC

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She should go to Marvel!

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Maybe Gail can write a 2nd wonder woman title. Gail could also take over Birds of Prey.

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@arnoldoaad: The way she was talking about it on twitter it seemed like DC didn't offer her any other titles. She just got let go from Batgirl

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

@arnoldoaad: The way she was talking about it on twitter it seemed like DC didn't offer her any other titles. She just got let go from Batgirl

They didnt offer another title just offer the opportunity to pitch, like any other offer to any other writer from any other company

Not the same thing as being fired

My point is that, the bridge hasnt been burn yet

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Maybe Gail can write a new Damian title ?

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@evilvegeta74 said:

She should go to Marvel!

And write what? I think she belongs in DC shes a good fit. I couldn't see her writing any of the female marvel characters thats what Marjorie Lu is for

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Maybe Gail can go back to writing Secret Six, which was the single most enjoyable DC title I've pulled in the past ten years. New 52 has a few peices that shine, but nothing that gets me as eager to race to the shop as what a new issue of Secret Six did.

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Unprofessional to send an email. If she can't be called into the office then call her, can't be that hard.