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I was looking around on Deviant Art and I saw this poster.
Thought it looked pretty cool so I checked out the artist's comment:

Early poster art for our studio's original title - Freedom Formula

"In a future where corporations rule the city states, extreme high speed racing exosuits called Vicious Cycles (VXs) race for entertainment on the track driven by captive members of bloodline genetically bred solely for speed. Zee, the son of an escaped driver, returns to the city manipulated by his father to fulfill his fate as a savior for the enslaved racers. Despite realizing this, Zee joins the illegal street race known as the Freedom Formula - a path that will rush him and all those around him to a fate with an exacting price. FREEDOM FORMULA questions what freedom and redemption truly mean."

The comic book will be out in end of July, published by Radical Comics. Watch out for it at your local comic stores.

Found the cover and I think I'll check it out if I see it.

Same artist did at least one cover for Caliber: First Canon of Justice. That looked nice too, but I read the first 3 issues and I didn't like that one all that much. In case you're interested though, it's a retelling of the sword in the stone but the sword is a gun and there are cowboys and indians instead of knights and whathaveyou.

Anyone know of other Radical Comics books? Anything worth reading?

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yeah i saw these on deviant art too but dont know anything about them...i think a lot of there titles have to do with mechs and stuff like that...

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That is a cool picture for the Freedom Formula cover.

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Read issue 1 and I thought it was pretty good. The world of the comic is different and story seems interesting, but what stuck out for me most was the art. It changed at different points (for flash backs, the wasteland, the city, during action, etc) and each look captured the tone of what was going on. Even the arrangement of the panels was used effectively. It looked nice and wasn't a bad read so I'm going to continue to read it.

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Have you added it here?

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Not yet.

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I think it's great when a decent comic comes out from a smaller company.  I love the big guys but I think the smaller companies need the exposure.  Competition keeps everything fresh on the industry on its toes.

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They definitely need more exposure. I only heard about this one on accident when looking at Deviant Art.

On the other hand though, it seems the right people know about this comic. I was googling the title to find the company's page for it (to put as the overview when I submitted it) and I found this.

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Didn't know the next one would be out so quickly but I read 2 today. Nothing much to say other than I liked it.