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Don’t you feel bad for all those Invaders who despite all the superior tech, their vast intelligence and their interstellar armies can NEVER win in the end? I invite all of you guys/gals, whether for pity or simple amusement to offer some really needed advice to such clueless invaders (if you can name a movie, comic or tv show where you based your comment it would be great) For instance I advise future Earth invaders to scrap the technology that uses one mothership that controls EVERYTHING so that when it is destroyed all the other army forces are inevitably defeated or turned off!... COME ON!!!! At least have the decency to place such ship in a distant orbit to earth…YOU HAVE TO KNOW a nuke will be your demise and our victory (Independence day style…well EVEN the Avengers used this one now that I think about it…such a cheap shot…oh well) Please post your advice!

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My free advice for invaders from outer space. I would be a great choice be put in charge and rule on their behalf. :p