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Anyone else despise this guy's pencil skills. as much as me? every face looks exactly the same. Contorted n mis-shaped. Horrible if I do say so myself.

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I like Frazier Irving, but hey that just me..........

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I saw this thread an hour or two ago and I was racking my brain trying to figure out what work of his I knew, it was the second Xombi series by DC. I'm not familiar with any of his work other than Xombi but I dug his art there. His first name is spelled Frazer by the way.

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His pencils are OK but I don't like his colours.

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@doomdoomdoom: He also did some work on Batman and Robin under Morrison. I thought his art suited the book fine(that arc atleast).

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@judasnixon: Other than the Batman and Robin stuff hes also done some Uncanny X-Men, the Seven Soldiers of Victory Klarion the Witchboy issues.

His styles certainly not for everyone but I like it alot. It really just depends on the story hes assigned to. His art doesnt fit all stories.

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I utterly despise Irving's pencils. Even on the stories it's supposedly fitting for, it doesn't look good. He's my least favourite artist and ruined Morrison's last story on Batman and Robin with his awful pencils and putrid inking. Man I don't like the guy's artwork.