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Tell me what you guys think:

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I am way more excited about Jeff Lemire doing Green Arrow, than any of the 4th wave stuff. I'm a long time Green Arrow fan, and have been digging all the great work Lemire has been doing lately. He will be a contender for an Eisner Award this year.

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If Green Arrow doesn’t do well with the new team I think it could be in a danger zone to get cancelled. The negative press has been huge. Can’t remember the sales, but I can imagine they are that good.

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Green Arrow sold 22,057 issues in the month of October. I like Green Arrow very much and don't want him to get canceled.
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@Catsnlynne: He is not getting cancelled just getting a new creative team

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@haydenclaireheroes said:

@Catsnlynne: He is not getting cancelled just getting a new creative team

I think his point is that unless Lemire bring a stronger numbers the chances for cancellation are very real

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My guess is DC is trying to increase sales of Vibe by letting Vibe encounter more stuff from the multiverse. I also hope Green Arrow will improve. Hawkman also needs to improve to survive. Katana needs more gimmicks to survive bec. just having swords is really boring. Justice League of America lacks superstars so it probably won't last. Martian Manhunter has led many versions of the Justice League before and they all got cancelled fast.