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A really nice thing to see on this site would be the option to specify a forum signature. ^^ Just a suggestion... don't know if anyone else feels the same way.

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That's what the "Quick Biography" by your/our name is for.

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Personally I hate forum sigs. I see them as clutter, especially when html is allowed in them. If I want to see a cute line or image I'll travel over to a profile.

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NiteFly says:

"Personally I hate forum sigs. I see them as clutter, especially when html is allowed in them. If I want to see a cute line or image I'll travel over to a profile."


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Good signatures can make a forum look cool. The problem is that people put huge pictures in, or crass quotes and stuff. I think these forums look good without them.

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The quick biography was our way to allow for sigs without going for clutter. If there's enough interest we can always put sigs in, but make them off by default.

I personally think they just clutter the page, but we're not against people pimping their links either, so maybe we can through them in as an optional display.

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I think these forums look much better without them.

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Any other opinions on this? I'll admit it felt weird at first but does look a lot...cleaner without them. As much as I've enjoyed them it's like you can get to the point easier.

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I don't really see signatures fitting this forum. In this forum I think it would clutter... the reason for this is just imagining it. Doesn't look too good.

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I dislike flashy signatures with huge scrolling images and weird effects, but I have nothing against small text signatures.

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I think it looks better without them. These forums are quite colourful anyway and our images are quite large. If you wanted a text sig, you could always just paste one at the end of your post. Not quite the same I know, but it's one solution.

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I didn't even realize there weren't any sigs on here. I love it for all the reasons everyone's already suggested. But if people really want 'em, my two suggestions are:

1) Change the Quick Biography link to "Quick Signature" and let users enter whatever they want in their profile so it shows up when someone clicks that link. (favorite quotes, images, links, etc.)

2) Let users enter the standard forum sig somewhere on their profile. But, let users also choose to either turn on/off signature viewing. So that way if you don't want to see any sigs, just click the VIEW SIGS OFF button in your profile. (I say this knowing next to no coding at all, merely assuming it's super easy to do... )

But my vote is still to keep things as they are now.

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I sorta got my hand slapped over at wizard because my sig was "getting very large in size," and I guess I was cluttering the boards. Yet surprisingly the mod had a pretty big one and others have had the huuuuge ones of animated gifs of Marvel vs Capcom and such. I had a link to this site with a tiny logo, an animated Jay and animated TARDIS. Oh I think I also had the Hal Jordan pic from my blog. They were all re-sized so they weren't that big. But I do get the clutter thing. These boards do look nice and clean especially with the white background.

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I'm going to go with no on the sig's. I agree that it just clutters. You could also just put a restriction on pictures, ie none.

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Yeah, I'm a fan of the sig, but looking at these threads without them, it's just so...I don't know...pure?

Clear, uncluttered...the OCD in me loves it.