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Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a guy who didn't like Wolverine or Batman, (my two favorite superheroes). He said he didn't like them because they weren't real heroes. He believes that a true hero should be an ideal to strive for like Superman or Captain America, and not be motivated by anger or be dark like Wolverine and Batman. So it made me wonder what type of hero do people prefer?

I personally like dark or anti heroes because I find inspiration in them. Like most dark/anti heroes, I have had bad events in my life that have tempted me to change who I am as a person and become bad. Seeing those guys have the same bad experiences and lives, yet they try to better themselves and be the best person they can be is very inspirational to me. Those are my opinions, what are yours? Post two pictures of your preferred type of hero. Here are my mine:

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I like a good mix of the two.

I like Superman and Captain America. The leaders and inspirations who always do the right thing, always know what to say, and always come through in the end. It's (at the risk of sounding silly) inspiring to read about these sort of heroes, men who can be tough and brave and yet kind and friendly. These are the sort of role models that we can all aspire to.

But I also like say, Batman and Iron Man. Flawed heroes who often make mistakes and who possess traits that aren't necessarily 'heroic', but in the end, they will still risk their own lives to save their fellow man. They go through the worst experiences, and make stupid mistakes, but they also feel like real fallible humans. They are characters that you can empathize with.

At the end of the day, I think both 'flawed' and 'traditional' heroes have something to offer to everyone. I'm not partial to either side, and I like both.

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I like heroes who are absolutely set on how they dish out. Punisher is fine with killing villains, but is still somewhat of a hero. Batman and Superman have an absolute no kill code under any circumstances (I think). Then there's characters who will kill when they need to and won't feel guilty after.

What I find really unappealing are those heroes that accidentally kill and feel guilt ridden after. Or heroes that lash out in anger and kill, then regret it. I'm less interested in personal grief when it comes to killing. You either do or you don't. If you're in the middle I can't find you interesting.

Not to say I don't like flawed or traditional heroes, but you just have to be set on what you're doing.

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I like them both to a point:

  • Sometimes I wish Superman would just end it with certain villains
  • Other times I think some anti-heroes need to chill out.

It just depends with me.

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I like both kinds but I prefer flawed heroes more.

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Much better then my answer. :P

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i like both most of the time.

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Both, but I like traditional heroes more.

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I like both, but I like flawed heroes more