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Is it worth reading? I wanted to buy some volumes but I wanted to know what the community thought about it first.

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Flash is one of my favorite New 52 comics. Definitely recommended. There hasn't been one thing I dislike about this book yet (Other than Wally still doesnt exist :P).

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Pretty good, some might disagree with me........ But I like the Rogues new look here.

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I love the New 52 Flash.

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@lieutenant_awkward: Out of all the new 52 books, the Flash has the most beautiful art! The stories are also fun and are great to read. So yes, I highly recommend it!

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@trebean: I don't necessarily agree with you on The Rogues, but for the OP, it's a good book otherwise. :)

It's mainly Cold that bugs me. He looks so much younger and like some throwaway Static Shock or Batman Beyond villain (nothing against Static or Terry, either btw). It's not Len's style, if that makes sense.

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Starts off weak but it gets pretty good later on, and Manapul's art is truly amazing. So yeah, I recommend it. My only gripe would be that some of the Rogues (Mirror Master, Weather Wizard) feel a lot duller now, but that's about it.

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One of the most enjoyable books in the New52.