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The one character I would love to see in a movie, because his power-set is that bit different to the norm, is Flash. However, after the GL disaster, do you think he is mainstream enough to appeal to the non comic literate masses? Its frustrating that Marvel bring endless films to the movie threatres and DC seem to consistently stall, so I'm wondering if people think we will get a Flash movie and if it could be a success?

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The Flash's speed would look sublime on screen, but I'm not sure about a movie with him because he probably has the worst group of villains among big name superheroes.

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I think the Flash's powers and even villains would look great in a movie but I just don't see them fitting in to the MoS world

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yeah I agree about his villains. but I think you make the movie about him saving people from themselves. ya know?

I would love to see flash in a film. if marvel can pull off ironman then dc should be able to pull off flash.


that green lantern movie wasjust a slap in the face to anybody who can think. i would have them redo the GL with lee Thompson young as John Stewart and then do WW and then do FLash

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I think Flash would be a good solo film. I don't know how it would work for a team film though. It is easy in print because you can just draw flash 7 times in the same panel to show that he is going really fast. In a team film though, every time you want to show Flash doing something in a fight, you have to super slow-motion everyone else which I think would get really old quickly. Also, when everyone else is being shown full speed, do you just show blurs going around and not really doing much?

I think he could work with Superman and other fighters if they are all moving really fast. But then how do you incorporate Batman into the fight moving at a fraction of the speed as the others?

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Heck yeah. A person running faster then the speed of light. I mean seriously can't special affects make it happen?

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I really want a flash movie but done wrong it could be a disaster for justice league.

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A Flash Film Would be cool. If they do it right it could be a cool detective movie.

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I don't know if it can work as a solo film because it would basically be a movie about a guy that runs fast, so they would have to write a really really good script which seems kinda hard to come by with comic movies.

I do believe that he would work better in a JL movie because the screen time would be distributed among other characters so movie goers wouldn't get bored looking at a guy just running fast.

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Its not the character that would be the problem. Its a matter of getting good writers, good directors, good acting, and keeping executive meddling to minimum. If those can be achieved, you'll have a good movie.