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This is a Marvel Universe based concept idea.

I have an idea for a Marvel fighting game that could open the door to a new genre of first person gaming if design, mechanics, and execution is done correctly.

First Person shooters are fun but they lack the hand to hand combat intensity that is deserved when dealing with someone close up. I am not saying that guns are a bad idea. I think guns would work great in a super hero game as long as the character uses guns in the comics. For instance, Captain America, The Punisher, Dead Pool, Ironman, and Cyclops are great examples of super heroes who use distance based weaponry as well as close hand to hand combat. But the main focus of the game would be to immerse one's self in the body and mind of the character being used. Think of the game Mirror's Edge. That game allowed more natural movements that only an extremely skilled athlete could achieve. Being able to roll, slide and wall-run in first person, with easy and a natural feel, was quite eye-opening for me. But the character's in the Marvel Universe see the world around them differently with every character.

For instance, Spider-man sees the world through lenses of a particular shape that may cause glares or have blind spots to the left or right (Based on design). The Amazing Spider-Man video game of 2012 allows the user to slow time in order to web-zip to a particular spot, but while in this mode the vision changes from third person to first person. When this change is made, the user is able to see the world truly through the eyes of spider-man. This view includes the tint, glare, and visual ability that would be realistic if Spider-Man did in fact exist the way he does in the comics.

Dare Devil would be a real treat to play as. Imagine a first person view of a blind man who uses the vibrations from his surroundings to see what is around him. The Dare Devil movie of 2003 showed a (not perfect) version of what it could be like, to see the world as Dare Devil does in the comics. The idea of being still while playing against Dare Devil would give the opponent an interesting defense strategy in a first person fighting game. Having the natural sounds from a busy city would give useful viability to the user of Dare Devil and the footsteps of one's self or opponent could allow for visuals as well, being displayed as black and white constructs. This would also allow the environment to play a large part of Dare Devils ability to see if the fighting area had a weather effect included. Imagine how much more effective Dare Devil would be if it was raining. Factors like these create advantages and disadvantages for playable characters in the game just as they can in real life.

Characters who where masks or helmets should have a slight or major visual impairment. Captain America is a character who's mask does not create much a visual problem. But Juggernaut's helmet would be create a huge visual impairment. Limiting the viewing ability of juggernaut would allow the user to engage in a more immersive experience within the game. Juggernauts strength and endurance is far greater than most characters that he would encounter in the comics, but his inability to see what is going on around him would bring his threat level down to a more normalized feel within the game. Juggernauts helmet would also be something to embrace as it could be useful in the sense of it being extra armor that could, at some point, be taken off. But exposing him self to higher amounts of damage from opponents.

Ironman's heads-up-display is a great way to show the entertaining use of technology that the Ironman movies and Avenger movie has shown. The HUD could be used in a variety of ways while including automatic-partial-zoom, displaying useful information of opponents, and displaying power levels and suggested tactics given by Jarvis (Ironman's Artifial Intelligence program that helps him in most situations)

This games focus does not have to be limited to visuals but can also be enhanced by implementing superior movement qualities. Ironman, Spider-Man, and Night Crawler are great examples how movement can help define a character. Ironman can fly as well as hover. Spider-man can swing from building to building or web zip. Night Crawler can teleport. Implementing these movement qualities are extremely important so as to allow for a more immersive gameplay.

Night Crawler's ability to teleport is an fun tactical way to either remove distance, escape, or pop up behind someone. What makes this character's gameplay ability more possible is that he usually uses his telportation abilities to appear in the air more often than on a flat surface. This could make for fun strategies when fighting against large opponents or those with flight options. But the execution of this movement quality is crucial to the enjoyment of the gameplay. If using an X-box controller, one could hold the left-bumper button in order to trigger the movement. Holding the left-bumper could display a small beacon (only visible to the user,not opponent) which would move away from the user in the direction of which the user is looking. When the desired distance is reached, the user could press X or simply release the left-bumper button allowing Night Crawler to instantly (seamlessly) teleport to that location while facing the same direction in which he was already looking. There could also be an option to hold both the left-bumper button as well as the right-bumper button when doing this to let the computer know that the desired teleporting should end with the user facing his/her opponent.

*** I know this is merely scratching the surface of my idea for the First Person Super Hero Fighting Game, but I think this is a well enough starting point to try explaining how a successful new genre his could be.

Please add an ideas or discussions that you think may make this idea even better.

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I think this sounds awesome!

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I'd rather have a Skyrim based super hero fighting game. Sorta like DC Universe Online, only in this, you actually get to make meaningful choices when it comes to your morality, make friends and foes out of REAL Dc/Marvel characters, and carve your own way into the mythos as a hero, villain, antihero, or maybe some combination of all 3. I'd play that.

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: I could see that, but this idea has more to do with total immersion, rather than controlling someone as a god like puppeteer.

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