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You are a street level character with a skill set and abilities that put you on par with Captain America. You hear screams and see people running from just around the corner. As you round the corner you see (Fill in the Blank). You have to defeat or hold the super villain until the Avengers or JLA or WildCats or whoever comes to aid you. Who is the villain that you would hate to see as you round

the corner on your first day of being a superhero.

Mine would be carnage because he is just crazy and I know that given the chance he is going to kill me and start killing other people too.

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Galactus. I'd be completely useless during that scenario.

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Black Adam during WW3. Just bloodlusted!

Or more within my weightclass Bullseye. A ranged opponent who doesn't miss and enjoys the kill. Caps shield would help!

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Cleavage is my kryptonite.

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with Flashes Speed.