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Hi, I am relatively new to comics and live in the UK so not much really goes on in terms of comics. There is an upcoming signing event next wednesday in Manchester with Fiona Staples, Pia Guerra and Skottie Young in attendance among others.

I have never been in to a comic book store before as It is not easy for me to reach the store every week (I do weekly online orders mail orders).

Just wondering what the etiquette is for events like this, as in how much stuff is acceptable to take and ask for etc.

Thanks for reading this and hope to hear your suggestions!

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Does anyone have any tips? Cos this is later today and don't really know what to take!


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Hmmm, tips...

Don't take too much stuff to get signed (it may look like you're just going to sell them off on eBay afterwards if you do).

Be polite... always say please and thank you :)

Have fun! I wish I lived closer to Manchester, it sounds like a good event.