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hope you guys enjoy but is a pretty long article but it's worth reading.

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Well, that made me sick inside of 2 minutes.

Seriously, I can not for the life of me figure out why comic nerds of all people seem so opposed to using scientific notation. It is concise and immediately conveys the magnitude of the number you are talking about. What possible benefit could there be in typing out an absurdly long string of digits, like 21,200,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, instead of just using 2.1x10^25, or 2.1e25? Do they think stupidly long strings of zeroes are somehow more impressive?

Sorry, but I've seen that a lot on the Vine too, and I just don't get it. Complete waste of time to count and type all those zeroes, when you can just represent them all as a handy exponent that everyone can see immediately.

Same thing with the silly names. Who actually uses terms like "septillion" and "octillion?" How many people actually have the magnitudes of those numbers memorized?

Pet peeve aside, it looked to me like the author was mixing in different versions of Superman (he included feats from All Star Supes and New 52 Supes, for example), which I don't think should be allowed.

Also, for all his stupidly giant numbers, from what I can tell he just applied the net energy output of a supernova to Superman's durability, without taking into account the small fraction that would actually hit Superman due to his distance and small surface area. I can't tell by eyeballing it, since there's no source or derivation of that part, so despite the giant numbers, it isn't really that technical. I ran the numbers once, assuming a distance of 1 AU, and the total energy incident on his body actually wound up being notably less than the minimum for destroying the earth.

Speaking of which, I didn't see any sources or citations at all. Did I miss them? Something like that should be important for what is supposedly the last word on this debate. In particular, I don't recall Superman ever actually busting a planet, nor have I seen any Superman fanboys show one. If it had happened, I would think someone would have brought it up by now. He did, of course, destroy the Shadow Moon (which also KO'd him, but he did it), so it's not like busting a small planet, or smashing the earth with multiple hits, should be beyond him, but I do find it a little odd how they basically just go "he's Superman, of course he can destroy planets!"

Just in case anyone feels I'm being more critical of Superman than Goku, the main reason is DBZ is significantly easier to fact check. The entire manga can be read in a weekend, if you have the mind to do it. But Superman, having thousands of appearances scattered over several decades and across probably hundreds of different titles, makes double-checking any random claim to his power an incredibly tedious process without an issue number. I remember several years ago, someone made the claim, "Superman tanked a bomb that could destroy half the galaxy!" That's it. It took me a good while to track it down to a thing called Mageddon in Morrison's run on JLA.

Basically, it's just easier to be incorrect or dishonest (even unintentionally) with Superman, just because even most of his fans won't be expected to have actually read all of his appearances.

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Hey I did not wrote it but what he wrote make more sense then what you said just saying.

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It doesnt matter, nothing matters, we're all going to die hahaha. The GOku vs SUperman war will still continue although I do think of DBZ fans now see that Superman is stronger. The problem is that SUperman has been out for so long that writers have to make him weaker to make ceratains stories work. SUperman should be fighting cosmic beings or powerful aliens not stopping petty crimes or fighting lame meta humans cus thats what DBZ fans grab onto the fact that SUperman does struggle to beat some low level villans. The problem for GOku is that his powers arent clear at all, so DBZ fans resort to Power Levels or ABC Logic (whatever helps them win really). Theres one post by some dude called kakarot88. I didnt read it but I know that all its going to be is him showing something GOku did at a young age a basiccaly say that Goku should be able to do alot more in ssj3 or 4, with no feats to proove it. And it was also going to be him showing pics of low end feats of SUperman like those people with bags on their heads who got shot and superman couldnt catch the bullets.