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Poll: Favourite Current Lantern Title (30 votes)

Green Lantern 27%
Green Lantern Corps 3%
Green Lantern New Guardians 10%
Red Lanterns 10%
Larfleeze 23%
None/Can't decide 23%

Now that we're entering August soon, where we will see the third issue of each of the different lantern books' new creative teams (except from the new title, Larfleeze) being released, I was wondering which current lantern title does the Comic Vine community been enjoying or liking the most at the moment (and perhaps even why).

This can be for any reason, from enjoying the writing and/or art to just liking the main protagonist/character of the specific title. Feel free to discuss as to why you love the specific lantern title that you have voted for and perhaps even which lantern book you have least enjoyed. Fire away viners!

Note: I do know that Red Lanterns #22 is not yet out so if you wish to you can wait until that issue releases before voting on this thread, if it doesn't concern you then just vote anyway!

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Kyle > every other lantern.

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Just want to see the results ^^

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Larfleeze to be honest

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Red Lanterns. Guy Gardner makes everything better.

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So far I have loved all of them, so picking ONE is really hard... It's also fairly early to say. I have really high hopes for all of them, though, as they've all been really really great so far.

So I voted for the last option. As in 'can't decide,' not 'none.'

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Larfleeze has been fun so far. I really enjoy the character.

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Green Lantern. Two words: Hal. Jordan.

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Interesting to see GLC not getting any votes yet.

Personally, I'm stuck between GLNG and GL. I like Red Lanterns too but I really can't get myself to like Guy Gardner as a character in general, both as a green lantern and a red lantern.

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Even though It's only had two issues, Larfleeze has blown the other lantern titles I'm reading away the last two months.

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Neither. I love V-Ditti's work on X-O Manowar but it was time for me to drop all the lantern titles. Moving on to other stuff.

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Update: I completely glanced over the theme of "current creative teams/last couple months". That complicates things. I haven't read Larfleeze yet & the other titles are coming off of the First Lantern arc & I don't expect bang-up material so quickly post major-arc. I guess I'll go with the 2 I went with before, but with GL definitely being #1 and GLNG #2 (Kyle's adventure with the new guardians seems interesting, but not enough has happened so far).

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Green Lantern is my favorite. Hal Jordan is my favorite Lantern

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I'm a bit underwhelmed with Venditti so far...but then again, it's only been two issues, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. But so far, not impressed.