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what are your favourite batman comics? i think the hush saga is close to the top of my list..!

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I have a few Bat favs I'd say

1) A Lonely Place of Dying: Because it actually goes into the importance of why Robin's around and sidekicks in General

2) Year One-The Man Who Falls-Long Halloween: I like to consider these three one long arc and is just great reading (also my only Miller on here)

3) Under the Hood: Actually made Jason Todd a character worth reading.

4) Riddle Me That: A lesser know arc, but an attempt to reinvent my favorite villain. Kinda has gotten forgotten about though.

5) The Killing Joke/Man Who Laughs: Basically invented modern Joker.

Horrible Mentions-

Gates of Gotham: The best of the late Pre-52 Batman stories and what got me on the Scott Snyder fanbus. Not on list because its Dick Grayson Batman.

Anytime Killer Moth shows up. The dude's a riot!

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1. The Dark Knight Returns - Cliche answer but it's hands down one of my all-time favorites.

2. A Lonely Place of Dying - A great pseudo-follow-up to A Death in the Family, excellent origin for Tim Drake and analysis of the Robin role.

3. Under the Hood - This one really sold me on Jason Todd and had some great character moments.

4. Heart of Hush - I prefer this immensely to Loeb's Hush, which I find to be entertaining but very lackluster.

5. Batman RIP - An overcomplicated masterpiece. Grant Morrison is love-it or hate-it and I was totally into this one.

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My favorite Batman stories in approximate order:

  1. Year One
  2. Dark Knight Returns
  3. Black Mirror
  4. Killing Joke
  5. No Man's Land
  6. Heart of Hush
  7. Long Halloween
  8. Dark Victory
  9. Court of Owls
  10. Mad Love
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This is a hard one but if I were to narrow it down.

Hush Saga, Long Halloween, Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke, and Court of Owls.

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Hush, Long Halloween, and Knightfall are some of my favs. I like Batman Year One as well.

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Mines are:

1. Batman: The Killing Joke

2. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

3. Batman: Year One

4. Batman: The Long Halloween

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Killing Joke, Long Halloween and Dark Victory, Hush, Batman and the monster men, Cacophony and Widening Gyre,and Court of Owls. :D Batman and Son, and R.I.P. for honorable mentions. :)

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All of Morrison's Batman run, The Black Mirror, Heart of Hush, Batman and Robin: Born to Kill, Batman and Robin: Dark Knight vs. White Knight. There are others.

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Morrison's run,The Dark Knight Returns,Batman:Hush,Year One.

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Must....Not....Mention....Dark Knight Returns.....

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So far, it's:

1. Dark Victory

2. Batman: Year One

3. Batman: Court of Owls

4. Batman & Robin: Born to Kill

5. The Man who Laughs

Lots of runners-up + many others that I have yet to read.

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Gotham After Midnight

Has Batman using a Giant Robot.

Nuff Said.

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1) Batman Year One

2) Batman Court of Owls

3) Batman Hush

4) Batman vs Predator (That counts)

5) Batman Dark Kninght Strikes Back

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@FiMFTW said:

Must....Not....Mention....Dark Knight Returns.....

That comic was great, it's Dark Knight Strikes Again that was lacking in the quality department, and even then it's got some hilariously bad qualities.

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  • The Killing Joke
  • Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
  • The Battle For The Cowl
  • Court Of Owls
  • The Man Who Laughs
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Most of these listed are good to great. I'm gonna date myself by mentioning the Englehart/Rogers run on Detective, and the O'Neil/Adams run on Batman. (Right after their famous Green Lantern run.) Those two runs are as good as any Batman stories.

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1. The killing joke

2. Court of owls

3. Year one

4. The Dark Knight Returns

5. The Long halloween

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Just recently read the "Nobody" saga again. Geez, I really like that one. That final fight between Batman and Nobody in Batman & Robin #7 has got to be the most brutal battle I've ever read in a Batman comic! And I've read pretty much all the standard "great" Batman stories. Tomasi just nailed that one.

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Everything Morrison.