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So because I'm in Australia I was super lucky enough to be able to see The Avengers movie yesterday afternoon....and let me say that it was AWESOME and did not dissapoint me in any way. But enough rubbing it in to those who haven't seen it. Just after having seen it yesterday all I can think about is the Avengers..so I want to get a trade or two and would like to know what you guys think are the best ones out there. Just so you know I already have New Avengers volume 1, and volume 1 of the latest Brian Michael Bendis Avengers, I have already read volumes one and two of Ultimates 1, I was thinking about getting Ultimates 2 so if you have read that please tell me your thoughts on that also. Thanks very much I will appreciate any and all comments. :D

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I like the "Korvac Saga" best.

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@PowerHerc: Hey thanks I'll check out what that is.

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@ComicCrazy: It's a Bronze Age story that some people claim doesn't hold up but in my opinion it's a true epic cosmic arc.

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@PowerHerc: I like Korvac Saga too... but Under Siege more ;)

Some other suggestions:

Kree/Skrull War (classic Avengers story)

Avengers/Defenders War (another classic)

Secret Wars (first major Marvel crossover, starring Avengers plus other heroes)

Assault on Olympus (another fun story that takes place just after Under Siege)

Acts of Vengeance (a crossover mostly focusing on Avengers and Spider-Man)

Operation Galactic Storm (an Avengers crossover)

Avengers Assemble (a series collecting Kurt Busiek's run across eventually 5 trades)

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (a retelling of the Avengers' early days)

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@X35: Thank you very much I will definitely look into those...and under siege looks interesting....I might just try and get it :D. @PowerHerc: cool thanks and I really do like the big cosmic arcs too.