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Poll: Favorite Video Game Series (32 votes)

Halo 13%
Elder Scrolls 0%
Mass Effect 19%
Fall Out 9%
Call of Duty 0%
Final Fantasy 6%
Gears of War 3%
Any Sports series 3%
God of War 13%
Arkham Series 13%
other ( comment the series ) 22%

I have to say Halo series followed closely by Elder Scrolls.

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Max Payne.

Great storyline, atmosphere, gameplay, and characters in all three games.

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Grand Theft Auto is my favorite video game series.

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Uh hello sir, you seem to be missing Bioshock and Uncharted.

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Uh hello sir, you seem to be missing Bioshock and Uncharted.

Other lol

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It's between Halo, Call of Duty and Arkham for me.

I would have chosen Assassin's Creed but I honestly don't trust this upcoming game :(

I'd take Halo over Call of Duty. So it's actually between Arkham and Halo. I can't really comment. Halo still has 5 and 6 to go and I'm really looking forward to Arkham Origins. Both are totally different games too.

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uncharted followed by halo, assassins creed, god of war, mass effect, infamous, mortal kombat

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Fallout had a slight edge over Gears of War here.

COD had it's time, but it wasn't the most memorable series, and I've only ever played Skyrim, so those series' are off the list.

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Metroid IS my childhood and Samus Aran was who I always wanted to be as a little girl.

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(dmc) devil may cry.

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Final Fantasy; classic series that dates back to the NES that's stood the test of time, even though everything related to FF XIII and X-2 were complete dogshit. IV, VI, VII, Tactics and X were all masterpieces as far as RPGs are concerned, and I actually really enjoyed XII although I have no idea why the main character wasn't Ashe given the whole story literally centered around her and her kingdom. Loved the Arkham games, and I'm just too strapped for time to really get into Mass Effect although I've heard great things. After playing through The Last of Us, which is honestly the best video game I think anybody's made to date, I'm going to make it a point to pick up Uncharted.

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Mass Effect.

I had a lot of fun with the series, and I really enjoy its universe and story, even if I wasn't much of a fan of the third's ending.

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I find your lack of Legend of Zelda as an option disturbing...

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God of War

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Final Fantasy was ground breaking and the fact that we have so many of them tells something about the staying power but I really, really, really CAN'T believe that there is no mention of the Zelda or Mario series? This is classic stuff. Nothing could of come before those in the historic archives of gaming! Seriously how can you not have Mario or Zelda in your list??? I know there is an Other option but I'm just saying they deserve to be out of the Other category....sorry for the rant.

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God of War all day everyday.

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Kingdom Hearts.

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Unreal Tournament

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Splinter Cell