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So I was rereading my Ultimate books and feeling kinda nostalgic about them, so I thought I'd make an Ultimate thread, because why not.

Like the title says, list some of your favorite Ultimate redesigns.

My personal favorites:

Well of course Cap is first - good mix of Classic Cap and a modern military touch
My favorite Immonen design - far superior to the 616 Beetle (and really, Spidey has enough green villains)
One of the best redesigns was for Marvel
Love Ultimate Venom - I love the purple-black, reminds me of how Venom used to be colored in the 90s
The only good thing to come out of Ultimates 3

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I'm gonna go with Fantastic Four. I would post a scan but it wont let me for some reason :-\

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I'm gonna go with Fantastic Four. I would post a scan but it wont let me for some reason :-\

Here you go:

They're pretty slick updates, but I could never get over the Thing's chest being covered. Just looks too weird!

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@veshark: thanks, and I really liked Doom when he had the goat legs

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Don't know if it counts but I like Mile's Spider-Man costume, it is sort of a redesign just for another person.

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I like Ultimate Spider-Man's design for sure. And I'm also liking the Fantastic Four redesigns as well.

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I like the Thor one I don't think it's superior in any way but I think it achieves what it set out to do.

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@veshark: My favorite Ultimate Character.


I quite like Ultimate Blade. Ultimate Mags is quite cool as well.

I would say Ult Spider-Man (Peter), but everybody like him.

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Ultimate Electro looks way cooler:

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I definitely like Ultimate Captain America's redesign. Thor is pretty cool too, he looks more military.

Ironman's first redesign not so much.

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My Favorites!

Ultimate Cap looks way more Para Military which is awesome. Also loved the Original Ultimate Iron Man. I do.

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Ultimate Wolverine's costume is completely badass. 616 Wolvie should start wearing something like this.

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Well, one of the worst is Black Bolts. It doesn't look good.....

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Ultimates 2 Captain America
Miles Morales' Spider-Man
Ultimate Nick Fury
Ultimate Captain Marvel
Ultimate Cyclops
Ultimate Green Goblin
Ultimate Spider-Woman

To name a few.